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Electromagnetic Door Closers

Electromagnetic Door Closers are the perfect and legal solution for keeping Fire Doors held open or controlled. Available to either hold open or free swing, an electromagnetic door closer is linked to the fire alarm with the aim to provide free access while also closing a door in the event of a fire.

Free-swing door closers allow a fire door to operate as if no door closer is fitted, a must in care homes or any place where ease of access is required. The door can be left open in any position and will only close if the fire alarm is activated (or power failure) at which point the door closer will close the door securely. 

Hold open door closers will allow fire doors to be held open electromagnetically allowing a free flow of traffic. In the event of a fire (or power failure), the door closer will close the fire door securely to help limit the spread of fire throughout a building. This type of door control is ideal for busy corridor doors as found in hospitals or schools.

When an electromagnetic door closer is in use, the magnet will be energised and provide either the hold open or swing free functionality and then when the power is cut to the unit, it de-energises and allows the door to close. The majority of electromagnetic door closers are 24V DC units but have a 10-15% tolerance depending on the product. Many of them can also be supplied with covers in various finishes to match the rest of the ironmongery in a building.

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GEZE TS550E EN4 Electromagnetic Hold Open Floor Spring

Code: DCG550E

The GEZE TS550E EN4 Electromagnetic Hold Open Floor Spring Power Size EN4 Floor spring for interior single and double action doors up to 1100mm wide comes with flat-tapered spindle, adjustable closing force, adjustable closing speed, adjustable latch action, electromagnetic hold-open and galvanised steel concrete box. 

This product has now been withdrawn from our range. A new model is due in 2022. Please contact us for further information.

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