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Specialist Door Locks

Specialist Door Locks

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Unlock Safety & Security with Our Specialist Locks Range

In a world where security is not just a luxury but a necessity, our specialist locks category stands as a guardian to your peace of mind. Tailored for discerning customers who value safety and reliability, our selection of door locks, including sliding door locks, offers unmatched protection and ease of access that facilities managers and construction professionals trust.

Sliding Door Locks: Seamless Security in Motion

Our sliding door locks epitomize sleek functionality without compromising on security. Whether it’s for modern office spaces or contemporary homes, these locks are designed to blend seamlessly with your decor while providing robust protection.

  • Easy-to-install mortice door locks
  • Models for sliding doors, pocket doors, and bi-fold doors
  • Durable materials providing longevity and consistent performance

Budget Locks: Economical without Compromise

Quality low-security solutions should not break the bank. Our budget locks range offers cost-effective solutions for securing metre cupboards, hatches, or panels. 

  • Competitive pricing that accommodates tight financial planning
  • Reliable function and resilience, ensuring value for money
  • Versatility across a range of door types, materials, and designs

Fire Brigade Locks: Access in Emergencies

In an emergency, every second counts. Our fire brigade locks are engineered to grant access to emergency services without delay, thus playing a crucial role in safety protocols.

  • Compliant with UK safety standards, offering reassurance in adherence to regulations
  • Robust construction withstands high temperatures and smoke penetration
  • FB1 and FB2 locks and FB keys available

Bathroom Locks: Privacy with a Promise

Our bathroom door locks cater to the need for privacy and functionality in personal spaces. With easy operation and installation, these locks epitomize convenience and discretion.

  • Large and small case options in different finishes
  • Lift to lock options for accessible commercial bathrooms
  • Complete accessible WC kits including lockcase and handles

Why Choose Our Specialist Locks?

When you navigate our specialist locks category, you’re not just browsing products; you’re reviewing a commitment to quality, security, and peace of mind. With industry-leading brands like Union, Adams Rite, and Kaba, you can’t go wrong.

With our in-depth understanding of the needs of facility managers, building contractors, and construction trades, we've curated a range that meets the stringent demands of the UK market.

  • Comprehensive solutions that cater to unique security requirements
  • Expert support to help you choose the right locks for your project
  • Assurance of product longevity and dependability for a wise investment

We invite you to experience the intersection of security and sophistication within our range of specialist door locks. Delve into a collection where each lock is a promise to protect what matters most to you. 

Take the Next Step in Security

Browse our selection of special application locks and reinforce your commitment to safety and reliability. Equip your projects with door locks that promise endurance and ease, standing guard over every door and every threshold. 

Explore our products, consult with our experts, and make the choice that sets a new standard in security. Trust in the protection provided by our door lock range— because when it comes to safety and security, only the best will do.

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Bathroom Lift to Lock Kit


The bathroom 'Lift To Lock' kit is supplied as a complete kit including the mortice bathroom lock, stainless steel lever handles and signage. To lock the door from the inside you simply lift the lever and to egress, you simply depress the inside lever, making it an ideal solution for accessible toilets.

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