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Concealed Jamb and Chain Door Closers

Concealed Jamb and Chain Door Closers

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Concealed Jamb and Chain Door Closers

Welcome to our selection of concealed jamb closers and chain door closers. The ultimate concealed solution for seamless door closing and enhanced aesthetics. Whether you're a contractor or a facilities manager seeking to transform your space, these hidden gems offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. 

Concealed Jamb Closers: Effortless Door Control for a Streamlined Space

Say goodbye to unsightly surface-mounted overhead door closers and embrace the clean lines and smooth operation of our concealed jamb door closers. Let's explore the benefits they offer:

Sleek and Unobtrusive Design:

  • Enjoy the elegance of minimalism with our jamb mounted door closers. These innovative devices are designed to remain hidden, preserving the clean aesthetics of your facility.
  • Say farewell to bulky door closers. Our concealed closers blend seamlessly with any architectural style, providing a discreet and refined door closing solution.

Enhanced Space Utilization:

  • Maximize your usable space without compromising on function. With jamb door closers, you can utilize every millimeter of your interior without interference from traditional surface-mounted door closers.
  • Experience the freedom to arrange furniture, door hardware, or fixtures without limitations. These closers give you the flexibility to design your space according to your requirements.

Smooth and Silent Operation:

  • Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy quiet yet effective door closing and opening.
  • Say goodbye to jarring noises and disruptive door slamming. Controlled closers like the Powermatic R100 ensure a gentle and controlled closing action.

Durability and Reliability:

  • Invest in long-lasting door control solutions. Our concealed jamb door closers are built to withstand the test of time, offering exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Whether it's a busy commercial environment or a bustling residential space, these closers are engineered to deliver consistent performance, ensuring your doors operate smoothly for many years.

Safety and Accessibility:

  • Prioritize safety and accessibility with our concealed jamb closers. Some of these closers are equipped with adjustable closing forces and speed control, allowing you to customize the door's operation to meet specific requirements.
  • Ensure easy access for users while also maintaining a secure environment for everyone. Our closers combine convenience with safety in a single package.
  • Uncontrolled and controlled models are available. Ensure your fire doors have CE marked controlled door closers fitted, like the original Perko Powermatic R100.

Door chain closers, whether single or double chain, should not be installed on a fire control door. As a rule, chain door closers are not classed as “controlled” so cannot be tested to the relevant fire safety standards. A fire rated door requires CE marked door hardware that has successfully been fire tested to the relevant rating - FD30/FD60. 

Concealed Door Closers: Combining Safety and Style

Can’t install a jamb door closer but want to feel the benefits of hidden door closing? We have a wide range of concealed door closers. Floor springs are a convenient and versatile solution for heavy duty doors. They offer single and double action, and electromagnetic hold open. Read more about them in our blog: The Key Advantages of Using Floor Springs

Some styles of door won’t allow for a jamb mounted door closer so why not fit a concealed overhead door closer? Models like the Dormakaba ITS96 have an adjustable power size and can be installed on fire doors, just check your door is thick enough - 44mm for fire rated doors.

Concealed door closers can be installed on internal doors of varying weights and leaf widths. Whether you have a high traffic corridor door that needs to be held open, or a bedroom door in a hotel that requires a considered approach to door hardware, we have a concealed closer for the job. 

Harmony and Function with Concealed Jamb Door Closers

With our range of concealed jamb door closers, you can transform any space into a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Enjoy the benefits of effortless door control while preserving the aesthetics of your interior design.

Explore our selection of concealed closers now and discover the perfect match for your doors. A well sealed door that closes after every opening cycle not only ensures secure access, privacy, and fire compartmentation. It can also contribute to reducing heat loss and minimising draughts. Read more about why you need a door closer in our blog. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your space with our concealed chain door closers. Browse our collection today, and experience the seamless blend of style and function. Embrace the future of door controls and create a space that leaves a lasting impression.

Order now and unlock the potential of concealed jamb door closers in your project or home. If you have any questions or need assistance, our expert team is here to help

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