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Discover the Power of Axim Architectural Hardware

Unlocking Modern Elegance 

With every turn, pull, and push, the world of door hardware comes alive. At the heart of these tactile experiences lies Axim Architectural Hardware. Beyond day-to-day function, Axim brings a focus on aesthetics and durability that fits seamlessly into today's modern spaces.

Well known for its concealed transom door closers and range of door hardware, Axim, part of The Parkside Group Ltd, produce products that do more than just serve a purpose. They inspire, captivate, and elevate your facility. This ethos drives their commitment to excellence in every product they produce.

Benefits Tailored for You

Architectural Precision: Products aren’t mass-produced. They reflect precision and attention to detail from door closers, transom closers, and floor springs to flush bolts, letter plates, locks, and panic hardware.

Sustainable Quality: In an age of disposability, Axim stands out. Their durable hardware is designed to last, reducing the need for replacements and contributing to a more sustainable environment. Products come with a 30 month guarantee from manufacture for defaults in materials and workmanship.

Cutting-Edge Design: Aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound, their designs bridge the gap between art and utility. With a wide range of products for commercial aluminium doors, they have ironmongery to suit every facility. 

Axim Door Closers: Beyond the Ordinary 

Perhaps nothing exemplifies their dedication to excellence quite like the door closer range. These aren't just fixtures; they're an experience, turning every entrance and exit into an event.

Safety First: Their door closers prioritize safety, ensuring doors never shut unexpectedly, protecting both people, property, and the door itself. The transom closers feature valves for closing and latching speed adjustment, giving you full control of the user experience. 

Sleek Operation: The Axim door closers operate smoothly, sealing spaces efficiently, minimizing drafts, and optimizing temperature control. Models from the Axim TC-8800 range have hold open function and suit various door widths, providing a wealth of door closing solutions.

Peaceful Transitions: Eliminate loud door slams even on heavy duty doors. With Axim, transitions are whisper-quiet whether you are using a transom closer and pivot like the TC-9500-17, or hinges and an overhead closer such as the FC-1500.

Why Every Detail Matters 

Architectural door hardware might seem like small details in the grand scheme of a construction project, but it's these finer points that often make the most significant impact. Axim understands this and has dedicated years to perfecting the small details:

Enduring Materials: They select the finest materials, ensuring long-term durability and timeless beauty.

User-Focused Design: Their designs aren’t just about looks; they're about how products feel in your hand, their weight, their balance, their ease of use, plus their compliance with building regulations and standards.

Innovative Evolution: Axim continually embraces the latest in design and technology, ensuring they are always ahead of the curve.

An Investment in Elegance and Function

Architectural hardware is one of the most frequently used items in any space. Isn’t it worth investing in pieces that enhance every interaction? With their range of products, every touch becomes a luxurious experience, reinforcing the quality and thoughtfulness of the space you manage.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation 

Dedicated teams at Axim tirelessly work to harmonize traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles. Each piece emerges as a testament to their dedication to quality, infused with innovation and a touch of elegance.

Products like the ES-2200 electric strike can be paired with a variety of extension lips to cater to your specific requirements. Whilst some of their door closers can be supplied as closer body only to allow for flexible stock holding and ease of replacement components. 

Step into the Future of Architectural Hardware 

The future isn't about door hardware; it's about experiences. With Axim Architectural Hardware, doors open as they should - easily, quietly, and close every time ensuring the safety and security of your buildings. Formed in 1987 and still going strong today, the elegance, function, and precision of their products are unparalleled.

Make the Right Choice Today 

Every detail in your facility counts. Make each one exceptional. Dive into the world of Axim Architectural Hardware and let your facility reflect the quality and sophistication you and the buildings’ users deserve. Choose Axim. Choose Excellence.

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