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Locks & Security

Keep your building safe and secure with our range of locks, latches and other security products. We deal with a variety of well-known suppliers and have had an in-house locksmithing department for over 20 years.

Sashlocks/Lever Locks

Sashlocks or Lever Locks are a type of Mortice Lock. They have a deadbolt and a latch and are used with handle sets. The deadbolt locks the door when the key, and the latch allows the door to be closed when it is unlocked. One of the main advantages of such a lock, is that it offers a higher level of security than a surface mounted lock because burglars cannot break in by sticking their hand in through a window and unlocking the door themselves.


Deadlocks are single bolt locking mechanisms and can only be locked and unlocked using a key or turn if cylinder profile. They are mainly used on building entrance doors and offer a good level of security. British Standard BS3621 Dead Locks are insurance approved locks and have been tested thoroughly against different kinds of attack.

Latches & Catches

We have a range of latches and catches for your internal doors in a selection of finishes and sizes, ideal for replacements or new installations. Tubular latches are ideal for use with door knob furniture and levers on round roses.

Bathroom Locks

Bathroom Locks are used in conjunction with privacy turns or turn & door releases. The term can refer to the sash lock type through to the tubular dead bolt ones and the choice is dependent on the type of door furniture used.

Escape Locks

Escape Locks are ideal for fire exit doors where escape from the inside without the need for a key is required. They do exactly what they say on the tin – allow you to escape even if the door has been locked from the outside. A key is required to open the door from the outside, so they offer a good level of security and protection.

Night Latches

Nightlatches utilise an automatic locking system for added door security. They are surface mounted to the internal side of an inward opening door and are often used on home front doors. Once the door is shut, the bolt is secured within the surface mounted keep.

Digital Locks

Digital locks can be mechanical or electronic. They are a nice easy solution to add an extra layer of security to a door and a relatively inexpensive solution for access control.

Padlocks, Hasps & Staples 

Whether you need to secure a garage door or secure workplace valuables, we supply padlocks from trusted and well-known suppliers such as YALE and Abus. Our range incorporates budget locks to weatherproof marine grade padlocks and the hasps and staples to use with them.

Door & Window Security

You want to make your doors and windows as secure as possible, we supply a range of ancillary items such as hinge bolts, door viewers and security chains to give you more peace of mind and to help keep you safe and secure in your building.

Our window restrictors can also help prevent unlawful access into your building and safeguard its occupants.

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Trilogy DL2700 Electronic Digital Lock

Code: DL2700/26DWP

The Trilogy DL2700 Electronic Digital Lock is an electronic digital lock of advanced design with several programmable features suitable for internal and external applications. Three security levels are provided: Master, Manager and Basic User. The lock includes 100 User Codes, has a long battery operation, is easy to programme and highly weather resistant.

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