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Jackloc | The Ultimate Window Restrictor Solution

Welcome to Jackloc, where safety and security meet innovation. We understand the importance of safeguarding your property and its users, and that's why we bring you the ultimate window safety solution. With Jackloc window restrictors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your windows are secure, while still enjoying fresh air and natural light. 

Explore the range of Jackloc products below and discover the perfect safety solution for your home or business.

Unleash the Benefits of Enhanced Safety and Security

Unparalleled Window Safety

Jackloc is synonymous with exceptional window safety. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our range of restrictors provides an effective barrier against potential accidents, keeping children, vulnerable individuals, and even pets safe. Say goodbye to worries about window-related incidents and let Jackloc provide the protection your space deserves.

Versatile and Compatible

Jackloc is designed to be compatible with various window types, including casement, awning, and even sliding windows. No matter the style or size of your windows, their range of restrictors is here to provide an optimal safety solution, effortlessly adapting to your needs.

Exceeding Safety Standards

The Jackloc range of window restrictors exceeds the requirements of the British Standards. This is the case for static load, impact, and percussion testing so you can be confident that you’re installing the safest window solutions in your facility. 

British Standard BS EN 13126-5: 2011 also has grades of durability and safety in use, plus a cutting test, and opening test. So, these window safety restrictors are not only safe but secure, especially when installed with clutch-head security screws.

Easy Installation

With Jackloc, installing a window restrictor is a breeze. Their products are specifically designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring a seamless experience for homeowners and businesses alike. Simply follow the user-friendly instructions, and you'll have your window restrictors in place in no time. There are options to suit timber, aluminium, and steel windows.

Superior Quality and Durability

Jackloc stands for excellence, and they take pride in delivering products of the highest quality. Crafted in the UK using premium materials, their window restrictors are built to last. With robust construction and rigorous testing, Jackloc ensures durability and reliability, giving you years of dependable performance.

Enhanced Ventilation and Airflow

With Jackloc, you can enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation without compromising safety. Restrictors such as the Jackloc Pro allow you to keep your windows partially open, promoting airflow within your space. Breathe in the fresh air and create a healthier environment effortlessly, whilst maintaining a space safe from potential fall risks. 

Explore the Jackloc Range

  • Cable Window Restrictors: Offering unparalleled safety with fixed or adjustable cable length, these restrictors allow secure ventilation while preventing windows from opening too wide.
  • Folding Restrictors: Perfect for side-hung or top-hung windows, these restrictors provide a secure barrier without obstructing your view or compromising safety. Packers allow for an opening of 89mm or 100mm. Make sure you have the hinges you need for your windows too.
  • Push and Turn Restrictors: Designed for hospitals, care homes, and other high-security environments, these restrictors require a dual-action release, ensuring the utmost safety. Available in a range of body and sleeve finishes.
  • Key Locking Restrictors: Models such as the Pro 5 are key-lockable, with a 5-disc lock and removable key for additional security. 

Don't compromise when it comes to window safety. Explore our range of Jackloc products and choose the perfect window restrictor solution for your needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable security while enjoying the fresh breeze and natural light. Upgrade your windows with Jackloc today.

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