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Mortice Locks

Mortice Locks

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Mortice Locks: The Cornerstone of Door Security

Why Choose Mortice Locks?

When it comes to ensuring the utmost security for your residential or commercial property, mortice door locks stand unrivalled. These locks not only offer advanced security features but also blend seamlessly with your door aesthetics. With a mortice lock installed, you gain peace of mind, knowing your property remains secure against unauthorised access.

Key Features

  • 5 Lever Mortice Locks: Ideal for exterior doors, most now fulfilling British Standard BS3621.
  • 3 Lever Mortice Locks: Perfect for interior doors, offering low level security.
  • Cylinder Mortice Locks: Available to suit euro and oval profile cylinders from different platforms.
  • Sashlocks: For use with lever door handles. A latch bolt holds the door closed whilst the deadbolt locks the door into the frame. Can be lever lock or cylinder locks.
  • Deadlocks: One locking bolt only. They can be lever locks or cylinder locks. Remember you’ll need an escutcheon to suit the profile and finish of your lock.
  • Nightlatches: Mortice night latch locks are cylinder profile, euro or oval, and are used with lever handles.
  • Escape Locks: Allow for single action egress from the inside and are cylinder locking. 

Cylinder profile mortice locks offer an extra layer of security that makes them highly desirable for both residential and commercial premises. Unlike traditional lever-based systems, these locks utilise a cylinder barrel. Depending on the cylinder system used, it can reduce the risk of picking or bumping, elevating the lock's resistance to forced entry. 

Compatible with a wide array of cylinder platforms, cylinder mortice locks provide versatile and customisable security solutions. Facility managers and contractors, often prefer these locks for their blend of high-security features and ease of integration into existing security systems. Master keyed cylinders can be used in conjunction with a sashlock, deadlock, or escape locks. DIN standard locks also allow for the same size mortice to be cut out for different functions of lock.

Mortice deadlocks feature a single locking mechanism, activated by a lever key or cylinder barrel, rendering the door bolt immovable from both sides when engaged. 5 lever deadlocks often comply with British Standard BS3621, and many mortice deadlocks are resistant to drilling and picking, depending on the cylinder being used. Deadlocks can be used in conjunction with a separate door latch to allow lever handle or door knob operation.

Mortice sashlocks combine the best of both worlds: a latch and a deadlock mechanism within one case. Operated with a key and a door handle, the latch allows for easy passage during daytime hours, while the deadlock offers enhanced security at night or when the property is unoccupied. Often available with 3 or 5 levers, or cylinder locking, these locks can meet varying security requirements. 

The added convenience of the latch functionality makes mortice sashlocks highly versatile, commonly used in internal doors and partitioned spaces. Their dual functionality resonates well with facility management companies and building contractors who seek a balanced security solution that doesn't compromise on convenience.

Commercial and Industrial Strength

For places requiring high security like offices and warehouses, Mortice Locks make the preferred choice due to their resilience and reliability. As they are cut into the door, they are more tamper-resistant than a surface mounted rim lock.

Fire Door Locks

A variety of mortice door locks can be installed to fire rated doors. Ensure that they are CE marked and whether they need to be installed with an intumescent lock jacket to comply with fire test evidence. This would usually be the case on hour rated FD60 fire doors. 

Explore Your Door Lock Options Now

Don’t compromise on the safety and security of your facility. Browse our extensive selection of door locks and security products to find the one that fulfils your unique requirements. If you have any queries or need a special finish, size, or function of lock then contact our sales team today. Need to replace an existing lock? Then why not email us an image and dimensions and we can find the best match for your door.

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Bathroom Lift to Lock Kit


The bathroom 'Lift To Lock' kit is supplied as a complete kit including the mortice bathroom lock, stainless steel lever handles and signage. To lock the door from the inside you simply lift the lever and to egress, you simply depress the inside lever, making it an ideal solution for accessible toilets. Use the drop down menu to choose the finish and fire rated or non-fire rated.

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