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Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers

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Proximity Readers - Access Control Cards and Keyfobs

Discover the modern take on access control with our comprehensive range of internal and external proximity readers. Say goodbye to the hassle of misplaced security keys and forgotten PIN codes. These solutions guarantee seamless and secure access every time. Elevate your security game and experience unparalleled convenience with proximity readers.

The Science Behind Proximity Readers

Harnessing the power of advanced technology, access control readers operate by emitting an electromagnetic field. When a proximity card or key fob enters this field, it absorbs energy, which is then converted into electricity. 

This activation of electronic circuits within the card or fob allows seamless transmission of stored data to the reader. Based on this data, the reader swiftly grants or denies access, making security a breeze.

Enhanced Security and Flexibility with Proximity Cards and Keyfobs

Proximity cards and access fobs offer an elevated level of security for access control systems. Programmed remotely, they eliminate the need to change access codes for all users in case of loss or theft. 

Thanks to innovative shadow cards, credentials can be effortlessly deleted from the system, leaving your overall security intact and streamlined. Some proximity card and keyfob access control can be used as part of a smart, online access control system. 

Linked to software, the credentials can be managed remotely. Additional functionality such as audit trails are now an integral part of modern facilities management, allowing for increased data visibility and traceability. 

Double Down on Security with "Pin & Prox" Option

Take your security measures to the next level with readers featuring the "pin & prox" option. By combining code and card entry, these dual readers ensure an additional layer of protection for your premises and flexibility of access for users.

Embrace the ultimate peace of mind with this comprehensive door security solution. Models such as the RGL KPX2000 have a numeric, backlit keypad for PIN access plus the addition of proximity access and an input for a separate Wiegand reader. This unit can be used with fob or card credentials. It is also supplied with 5no keyfobs. 

Prioritize Health and Safety: Touch-Free Access Control

In a world where health and safety are paramount, our touch-free access control solutions redefine security. Bid farewell to the risks associated with traditional digital door locks and access control keypads, which can inadvertently transmit germs. 

With our proximity touch-free access control range you can ensure a secure environment without compromising on health and safety. The Securefast APX18 standalone proximity reader can be used inside or outside as it is IP66 rated and it has a 2000-user capacity. With a read range of 3-10cm, it’s a truly hands-free controlled means of access for your property.

Explore the Possibilities with Proximity Readers

Our curated selection of access control card readers caters to all your door security access needs. Each reader boasts unique features and capabilities, so you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. From cutting-edge technology to unparalleled convenience, our proximity readers offer an unparalleled user experience.

Streamlined Security Made Simple

With our proximity readers, access control becomes a breeze, providing a secure and user-friendly solution for any setting. Never worry about lost or misplaced credentials again, as our advanced technology ensures a seamless experience for all users. Models such as the Deedlock APX-14T can also be operated by Bluetooth/WiFi via an app for ultimate flexibility. 

Embrace Effortless Management with Paxton Compact P50

The Paxton Compact P50 stands as a testament to simplicity and effectiveness. Its user-friendly management system allows you to delete lost credentials instantly, ensuring absolute peace of mind. 

With the Paxton Compact P50 proximity reader, you're in complete control, maintaining the highest level of security without any unnecessary complexities. It is a standalone reader that is ideal for use on lower security doors internally and externally. LED indicators flash green when access is granted and red if denied.

Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Security

Explore our range of proximity readers and revolutionize your access control systems today. With state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled convenience, our readers are designed to exceed your expectations. 

Embrace the future of access control and take charge of your security now. Fit these readers with other key components of an access control system such as the electronic locking device, power supply unit (PSU), and press to exit button

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Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your access control system. Browse the full range of stocked proximity readers and find the perfect fit for your security needs. Elevate your security game, streamline your operations, and embrace the future of access control.

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