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Proximity Readers

Door Controls Direct stocks a full range of internal and external proximity readers that get around the access control security problem of a misplaced card or key fob. With its simple management system, the Paxton Compact P50 allows for lost credentials to be deleted instantly, providing complete peace of mind. 

Proximity Readers work by emitting an electromagnetic field. When a proximity card or fob is brought into the range of this field, it absorbs some of the energy within the field, which is then converted into electricity. This electricity activates the electronic circuits within the card or fob, which enable data which is stored on the device to be transmitted to the reader. The reader will then either deny or allow access to the user, based on the data that it has received. 

Proximity Cards and Fobs offer additional security to some access control keypads as they can be programmed remotely and their loss doesn’t mean that an access code has to be changed for all users. Instead, the individual card or fob can be deleted from the system with the use of shadow cards. 

Further security is provided on some readers, which include an additional keypad option - this means that they will accept code entry, card entry or both (known as “pin & prox”). As with most products, check the descriptions on individual proximity readers to determine their capabilities.

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