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Door Latches

Door Latches

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Door Latches: Your Key to Safety and Functionality

When it comes to ensuring proper functionality throughout your premises, nothing offers peace of mind like our range of door latches. Opt for our tubular and DIN standard mortice latches and eliminate concerns around operation and efficiency. Their design integrates seamlessly with the door, ensuring high durability and functionality.

Convenience Meets Quality

Whether you're overseeing a large facility or simply renovating your home, our locks and latches offer unparalleled convenience. From the simplicity of tubular latches to the robustness of mortice latches, we have a solution for every requirement. Say goodbye to complicated installations and frequent maintenance.

Install a latch where a door needs to be kept shut but not locked. Or, you could have a separate deadlock installed and need a latch so that when the door closes, it is held shut by the latch bolt. The bolt of a latch is retracted by depressing the door handle or turning the door knob. The door can then be opened and closed using the door furniture.

The type of latch you need will depend on the door, its location, its use, and the other items of door hardware that are installed. This is why we have different door latches for a wide range of applications.

Application-Specific Solutions

  • Facility Management: Invest in our high-quality door latches designed for endurance and minimal upkeep. With DIN standard latches to compliment bathroom locks, sashlocks and deadlocks with the same standardised case dimensions.
  • Construction and Building: Adapt our versatile latches to any door type—external doors and internal doors, single and double doors, fire doors, and more.
  • Maintenance Contractors: Discover latches to suit a range of interior doors, ensuring a seamless flow of operation throughout the building.

Cutting-Edge Features

It’s not just about locking and latching doors; it’s about doing it in a manner that complements your lifestyle and work environment.

  • Silent Operation: Enjoy the discretion of noiseless functionality.
  • Ease of Use: Fitting and operation so smooth, it’s nearly effortless.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: Choose from a range of forend and strike plate finishes to suit your door hardware.
  • Adaptable design: With models to compliment our range of door locks, including 5 lever insurance rated British Standard locks, this collection includes door latches for every application.
  • Versatile Products: Short latches for glazed panel doors, long tubular latches for door knobs, reversible handing for easy stock holding, roller catches for cupboard doors, tubular deadbolts for bathroom doors - we’ve got something for everyone. 

Built to Last

Durability and longevity are at the core of our door locks and security product selection. Our latches withstand rigorous quality checks to offer you years of flawless operation. Make a one-time investment in our door latches and reap the benefits for years to come.

Why Choose Our Door Latches?

  • Safety Assured: Certified latches that comply with UK safety standards.
  • Customer Support: Comprehensive customer service that resolves your queries promptly. Our sales team is on hand for any technical questions or product queries so contact us today.
  • Versatile Products: Fit a DIN standard or tubular latch for use with door handles or a roller catch for use with pull handles

Take the Next Step

Your search for reliable, durable, and functional door latches ends here. Trust our catalogue to fulfil your specific needs and elevate the safety and convenience of your premises. Take a moment to explore our versatile collection and make a purchase that promises lasting quality. Invest in your peace of mind today.

Our mortice and rim night latches have their own category, as do our cylinder locks and lever door lock latches so explore our online range today. 

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