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Wall Mounted Door Stops

Wall Mounted Door Stops

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Wall Mounted Door Stops - Reliable Protection

Our range of wall mounted door stops is crafted to provide functionality and subtlety in high-traffic environments. Each piece is designed to offer optimal protection for your doors and walls. These stops prevent wear and tear on the door and surroundings while maintaining a pristine look in your facility. 

Whether you need to manage the swing of a door in a busy corridor or protect delicate wall finishes from damage, our selection of wall door stops is tailored to meet the demands of any facility.

Quality Construction 

Our door stops are functional and are built to last. With options featuring a variety of metal constructions and resilient finishes, these stops withstand the toughest conditions without losing their aesthetic appeal. 

Spring door stop models provide an added layer of functionality, absorbing shocks and preventing door handle collisions with ease. Contact us today if you require a flexible spring stop, rather than a rigid tubular wall mounted stop.

Key Features for Diverse Applications

  • Effective Door Management: Ideal for managing doors in offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions - anywhere where a door opens against a wall or fixed partition.
  • Enhanced Wall Protection: Each wall mounted door stop is designed to shield walls from impacts, preserving the integrity and appearance of your space. There’s no need to suffer from dents in walls, damaged paintwork, broken hat and coat hooks, or door handles - projection stops prevent all of this unnecessary repair and maintenance.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Whether you prefer skirting mounted, floor door stops, or direct wall installations, our products accommodate your specific installation needs.
  • Compatibility with Various Door Types: Perfect for use with a range of door handles and sizes, ensuring a comprehensive door management solution. Ensure you select an adequate length of door stop to cover the projection of the lever handles or door knobs.

Designed for Aesthetic Integration

Our projection door stops not only protect your spaces but also complement them. With discreet designs that merge effortlessly into your facility, these stops ensure that functionality does not come at the expense of style. 

The seamless integration with skirting boards and other architectural elements ensures that our stops are visible only when you need them to be. Choose from a variety of finishes—from polished chrome to matte black—to seamlessly blend with your existing door hardware.

Effortless Installation and Long-term Reliability

Installation is straightforward with all necessary fittings provided. Each product is designed for endurance and resilience, ensuring that they perform consistently over time. Our commitment to quality guarantees that you receive a dependable solution that you can trust day in, and day out.

Wall mounted door stops are the perfect choice for commercial environments that have regular floor cleaning schedules, particularly those using scrubber-sweepers or other industrial cleaning machines. The stops are mounted up out of the way, not causing a cleaning obstruction or trip hazard for foot traffic.

Harness Robust Durability Today

As your dependable source for door control solutions, our website is the perfect destination for purchasing a wide range of architectural ironmongery and access control solutions. Our extensive catalogue ensures that you find exactly what you need to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property.

Take the first step towards better door management and wall protection by browsing our comprehensive range of door stops. Invest in your property's longevity and appearance today. Wall or floor mounted door stops are always recommended for use with door closers, even if they have backcheck function.

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