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Concealed Fire Door Closers

Concealed Fire Door Closers

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Concealed Fire Door Closers - Unobtrusive Efficiency

Enhance the safety of your premises without compromising on aesthetics with our range of concealed fire door closers. Designed to integrate into any environment, this range of closers provides a hidden solution for closing fire doors with precision and reliability.

Why Choose Concealed Fire Door Closers?

When it comes to fire safety, our concealed door closers offer numerous advantages over traditional overhead door closers. Here's why they are the preferred choice for many:

1. Unobtrusive Elegance

Our concealed closers are engineered to be hidden from sight, blending seamlessly with the overall design of your facility. No more bulky arms or obtrusive hardware to disrupt the aesthetic of your doors. With our concealed closers, you can maintain the architectural integrity of your premises while ensuring the highest level of safety. Choose from transom mounted, overhead concealed closers, floor springs, or jamb mounted closers.

2. Enhanced Safety

Fire safety is paramount, and our concealed closers are designed to ensure swift, controlled door closing. These surface mounted and morticed closers are designed to close reliably every time. This helps to, prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protect lives, and minimize property damage. With our concealed fire door closers, you can have peace of mind, knowing that lives and property are protected.

3. Smooth and Efficient Operation

Whether in a busy school, hotel, or hospital, our concealed fire door closers allow users to enjoy smooth and easy operation without compromising on safety. Many of these closers combine adjustable closing speed and latching action, with functions such as electromagnetic hold open. Doors are easy to open but close reliably every time, ensuring effective fire compartmentation. 

Durability and Ease of Installation

Our concealed fire door closers not only prioritize safety but also offer unmatched durability and ease of installation.

1. Durable Performance: Built to Last

Our range of concealed fire door closers from industry leading brands like GEZE and Dormakaba are built to withstand the test of time. Their robust construction guarantees reliable functionality, even in high-traffic areas. Transom closers accommodate doors of a similar weight to those using overhead door closers. If you need a more robust solution for heavy doors, then floor springs like the Dorma BTS80 EMB allow for a maximum door leaf weight of 300kg.

2. Easy Installation: Quick and Hassle-Free

Installing a concealed closer is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly design. With straightforward instructions and setup, you can quickly fit out your fire doors with a compliant closing solution. Concealed door closers are available as single or double action, for both external and internal doors. Spare parts are also available, allowing for a flexible stock holding in your stores, and a cost effective way to repair and maintain your closers. 

Compliance with Fire Regulations: Safety First

Meeting fire safety regulations is crucial for any premises, and our concealed door closers are specifically designed to comply with industry standards. Units will be CE marked and carry other certifications such as UKCA marking and may be Certifire approved. 

Our concealed closers provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've taken every measure to protect lives and property. If you need a fire rated jamb closer then the Samuel Heath original Perko R100 Powermatic closer is suitable for FD30 and FD60 doors. 

Make sure that you always install the intumescent kit that is supplied with the concealed door closer or any fire rated item of fire door ironmongery. It would have been included in the fire test and will affect the fire rating and performance of the product. 

Explore Our Concealed Fire Door Closer Collection Today

Delve into our range of concealed fire door closers and discover the perfect solution to safeguard your premises. Choose from an array of options, including hold open or swing free magnetic closers, floor springs for fire doors, and single or double action closers. 

Don't compromise on safety or aesthetics. Explore our concealed fire door closer collection today and secure your premises with elegance and efficiency. Invest in peace of mind and protect what matters most.

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GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring c/w Backcheck - Mechanism Only

Code: DCG500N

The GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring is a universal floor spring and comes complete with backcheck.  It is non-hold open and available as single action or double action (accessories sold separately). It offers adjustable closing speed and is suitable for 30 minute fire door applications when used with intumescent. This product is the mechanism only.

£117.70 VAT excl

GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer

Code: BX24ES

The GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer is an integrated concealed door closer complete with electromagnetic hold open facility. It is CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF 242 when used with the applicable intumescent materials (included). It comes with variable Power Size EN 2-4 and adjustable closing speed, latching action and backcheck.

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