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Automatic Door Openers

Automatic door openers are ideal where access to a building is to be made as user friendly as possible. You may find that a door is preventing people with decreased mobility from passing through it and this is where installing an automatic door may be necessary. You might also want to install an automatic door opener in locations where a door closer isn’t powerful enough to close the door due to air pressure. 

Our auto door equipment range is full of convenient and reliable solutions from leading brands such as DORMA. We offer low energy solutions (not full energy automatic operators) that will satisfy a broad range of demands. We also supply a range of safety equipment such as automatic door safety sensors and finger protection (an absolute essential in places like schools).

Please note that all automatic door openers should be installed and maintained by an EN16005 accredited contractor. For more information on this legislation or to find an installer, please visit the ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) website.

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