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Concealed Door Closers

Concealed door closers provide the functionality of an overhead door closer but are fitted within the door leaf or frame. This type of installation is aesthetically pleasing and can help reduce vandalism as most of the door closer is hidden from sight. Our range includes concealed door closers that are Certifire approved for use on fire doors and carry the CE mark.

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    £ 201.50 VAT excl. In Stock

    Samuel Heath Perko-Powermatic is a light to medium duty concealed door closer in a fixed power size 3.


    £ 201.50 VAT excl.
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    The GEZE Boxer is an integrated, concealed door closer and is suitable for a wide range of applications where a less visible door closing device is required. It can be suitable for fire doors if used in conjunction with intumescent materials.


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    The GEZE Boxer is an integrated concealed door closer complete with electromagnetic hold open facility. It is CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF 242 when used with the applicable intumescent materials (included). It comes with variable Power Size EN 2-4 and adjustable closing speed, latching action and backcheck.


    £ 237.20 VAT excl.
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    Geze Boxer satin stainless steel double action pivot set with double action top centre, double action bottom strap, double action bottom pivot and intumescent fire pack.


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    The DORMA ITS96 is a concealed slide channel, cam action door closer with power size EN 2-4. It has adjustable latch action and adjustable closing force plus anti-tamper protection.


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    The DORMA ITS96EMF is a concealed slide channel, cam action door closer with power size EN 2-4. This model is suitable for use on fire rated doors and has electo-magnetic hold open function. It is available for FD30 and FD60 doors and is handed left or right.


    £ 339.90 VAT excl.
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