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Concealed Door Closers

Concealed Door Closers

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Concealed Door Closers: Combining Safety and Style

Concealed door closers are an aesthetically pleasing solution for non-fire and fire doors. They provide the same essential functionality that overhead door closers have but they are fitted within the door leaf or frame rather than surface mounted. Say goodbye to visible surface-mounted closers and welcome a seamless, hidden alternative that compliments your doors effortlessly.

Benefits That Go Beyond Appearance

1. Enhanced Security - With concealed closers, you can minimise the risk of vandalism and unauthorised tampering. By concealing the majority of the closer mechanism within the door leaf or frame, potential intruders are deterred, ensuring the security of your facility.

2. Ideal for Education Environments - Concealed closer installation is not only discreet and hardly visible, but it can help reduce the risk of vandalism as the majority of the door closer is hidden from sight. They are perfect for use in educational environments such as schools where they might be subject to misuse.

3. Unobtrusive Elegance - When you require door closers that seamlessly blend into your building's architecture, concealed closers are the perfect choice. These units are completely unobtrusive, allowing your doors to take centre stage. Enjoy a sleek, modern look that enhances the overall atmosphere, or compliment original features with a hidden jamb mounted closer such as the original Perko R2 or the fire rated R100 Perko door closer.

Certified Quality and Leading Brands

Concealed door closers are used to ensure that the door is closed either mechanically or via fire alarm activation. As they are concealed units, they are discreet and ideal if your building requires door closers that are sympathetic to the overall aesthetic.

Our range includes concealed door closers that are Certifire approved for use on fire doors and carry the CE mark, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to safety and compliance. Trust in the quality and reliability of our products to ensure the utmost protection in the event of a fire.

We partner with leading brands such as GEZE and DORMA and it also features a range of closers from Samuel Heath. Benefit from the expertise and craftsmanship of these industry leaders, guaranteeing superior performance and durability.

Take the first step toward enhancing the security and elegance of your space. Browse our collection of concealed door closers and explore the myriad of benefits they offer with models to suit internal doors, single and double action doors, and fire doors.

If you'd like to know more, head across to our blogs section where we have many articles to help you select the right door closer, or establish if you even need a door closer in the first place.

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GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring c/w Backcheck - Mechanism Only

Code: DCG500N

The GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring is a universal floor spring and comes complete with backcheck.  It is non-hold open and available as single action or double action (accessories sold separately). It offers adjustable closing speed and is suitable for 30 minute fire door applications when used with intumescent. This product is the mechanism only.

£117.70 VAT excl

GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer

Code: BX24ES

The GEZE Boxer EN 2-4 Concealed Electromagnetic Hold Open Door Closer is an integrated concealed door closer complete with electromagnetic hold open facility. It is CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF 242 when used with the applicable intumescent materials (included). It comes with variable Power Size EN 2-4 and adjustable closing speed, latching action and backcheck.

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