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Night Latches

Night Latches

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Nightlatches: Enhance Your Door Security

Nightlatches hold a pivotal position in the hierarchy of door security. These devices not only serve as a primary locking mechanism but also act as a supplementary layer of security to fortify your premises against unwelcome intrusions. 

With the blend of modern innovation and time-tested design, nightlatches have become synonymous with reliability and ease of access in the world of door security.

Understanding Nightlatches

At their core, traditional rim nightlatches are designed for front, inward-opening timber doors. They often come equipped with a rim cylinder, facilitating unlocking from the outside, often used in tandem with a cylinder pull

What sets nightlatches apart is their automatic locking mechanism. Upon closing the door, the latch engages, ensuring the door remains secure. For those times when you want to move freely without the latch engaging, there's a snib or button function. This feature either holds the latch back, offering uninterrupted access, or deadlocks it, amplifying the security level. Moreover, for those seeking heightened security, deadlocking versions without a snib are readily available.

Diverse Range with Distinct Benefits

  • Additional Security Layer: Nightlatches serve as a crucial second line of defence, often used alongside a mortice lock with lever door handle furniture. This dual setup is especially favoured in residential spaces, significantly bolstering protection against potential break-ins. 
  • Compliance with British Standards: Nightlatches successfully tested to British Standard BS 3621 meet the stringent requirements set by most insurance companies. However, it's essential to note that if one opts for a basic night latch without this standard, pairing it with a 5 lever deadlock that conforms to BS 3621 becomes imperative for domestic properties.
  • Tailored for Commercial Needs: Buildings like care homes, student accommodations, and other commercial entities often mandate the use of nightlatches compliant with British Standard BS 8621. Such locks are designed for emergency exits, allowing occupants to swiftly vacate the premises without needing keys - a critical feature in fire safety scenarios.
  • Understanding Backsets: The backset, essentially the distance from the lockcase edge to the centre of the keyhole, is a pivotal factor when selecting a nightlatch lock. While 60mm is the conventional standard backset, it's crucial to ascertain the specific requirement for your door to ensure a seamless fit.
  • Cylinder Locking: Night latches, whether rim or mortice, can be cylinder operated. Cylinders can be changed if security is compromised, they can be keyed alike, or be master keyed.
  • Panic Hardware: Mortice nightlatches can be used with panic hardware when tested together. So, take a look at products like the Briton 379.N nightlatch and Exidor 306 push pad and door latch for compliant emergency exit hardware solutions.

Making the Right Choice

The world of nightlatches, often referred to as rim locks or Yale locks, is vast, with each product offering distinct features and benefits. While some might prioritise the convenience of easy access, others might lean towards a security first approach.

Regardless of your individual needs, it's pivotal to choose a product that aligns with the specific security standards and requirements of your facility. If you ever find yourself uncertain or overwhelmed by the plethora of choices, our team of experts is always on hand to guide you through the selection process so contact us today.

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