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Codelocks Ltd | Keyless Door Locks & Access Control Products

In today's fast-paced world, securing your premises with a reliable, convenient, and versatile locking solution is a necessity. Codelocks stands at the forefront of revolutionizing access control, blending innovation, style, and robustness into every product. 

From mechanical digital door locks to versatile electronic code locks for doors and gates, Codelocks is your go-to brand for elevating security and convenience. Their range of products includes units for internal and external doors, lever handles or knob operation, plus smart locks and locker locks. Their locks will fit doors hung on the left or right, and non handed locks will fit any side hung door. 

Why Choose Codelocks?

  • Enhanced Security: With Codelocks, rest assured your facilities are guarded with top-tier security. Opt for keyless door locks to eliminate the risk of lost keys and easily reset codes when needed, ensuring only authorized access at all times.
  • Ease of Use: Embrace the simplicity of operation with Codelocks. Whether it's a mechanical push-button lock or a digital gate lock, user-friendly interfaces mean quick and hassle-free access for authorized users.
  • Versatile Solutions: Codelocks caters to a wide array of applications. From combination door locks for private offices to digital locks for doors in high-traffic areas, find the perfect fit for every requirement.
  • Stylish Designs: Who says security can't be stylish? Codelocks' range of products not only ensures safety but also enhances your door's aesthetics with sleek, modern designs that complement any interior.

Key Products to Elevate Your Security

  • Digital Lever Door Locks: Experience the convenience of keyless entry with our digital door locks operated by lever handle. Perfect for busy environments where control over access is crucial, as is ease of operation. Say goodbye to traditional keys, difficult to grip knobs, and embrace the future of security. Whether internal or external sides, the lever will retract the tubular latch once the correct code is entered.
  • Final Exit Doors with Keypad Locks: Merge functionality and style with emergency exit doors equipped with keypad locks. Ideal for securing main entrances or restricted areas, the Codelocks CL500 CL505 locks offer easy access management to final exit doors 35-60mm thick. Opt for the CL505 for a code free access option.
  • Locking Keypad & Code Lock Solutions: Customize access levels to fit the specific needs of your built environment. Perfect for cabinets, lockers, private rooms, or external gate access, digi locks provide a keyless, hassle-free experience.
  • Key Override Coded Door Locks: Choose digi locks with a backup mechanical key operation for a seamless, secure locking solution. Users can be given a physical security key or a numeric code to enter to gain access. 

Codelocks: Beyond Just Locks

Codelocks understand that security is paramount but should never be a hassle. Their products are designed to provide smarter, more efficient door lock and security solutions. From digital locks for doors to push-button cabinet locks like the KL1000 Kitlock, this range ensures that every need is met with reliability and ease.

Your Next Step Towards Secure, Convenient Access

Don't let outdated security solutions hold you back. Embrace the ease, flexibility, and robust security that Codelocks offers. Whether you're upgrading your current access control system or installing a new one, our range of digital door locks, keypad door locks, and innovative access control products are here to set new standards in security and convenience.

Act Now: Secure, Simplify, and Innovate

Explore the future of access control with our keypad door locks. Visit our Codelocks collection today to find the perfect locking solution that meets your security needs. Choose from heavy duty, high traffic battery operated models to fire rated mechanical locks that enhance the convenience of your daily operations. With Codelocks, you're not just installing a lock; you're upgrading to a smarter, safer way to secure your space.

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