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Plain Bearing Hinges

Plain Bearing Hinges

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Plain Bearing Hinges for Doors and Cupboards 

Designed to sustain frequent use, these hinges are ideal for internal doors, ensuring a smooth, silent operation every time. Each plain bearing hinge in our selection is crafted from high-grade materials, guaranteeing longevity and resistance to normal wear and tear.

Versatile Compatibility

Our plain bearing hinges cater to a diverse range of door styles and sizes. Whether you're renovating a classic home or fitting out a modern office space, these hinges seamlessly integrate with your doors. 

Their adaptable design makes them a perfect match for various door materials, from solid wood to composite doors, enhancing functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

Plain bearing hinges are for use with lightweight, full size doors, wardrobes, cabinets, and cupboards. Select a size to match your door and a finish to match your door hardware.

Effortless Installation

Ease of installation is a key feature of our plain bearing hinges. Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, these hinges come with matching woodscrew fixings ensuring a hassle-free installation process. This simplicity not only saves time but also ensures a secure fit, enhancing door stability and performance.

Our door hinge range is sold as singles, not pairs. This makes purchasing single units for replacements or spares quick and simple. And, with our fire door hinges, you can purchase 3no units to suit a single door leaf. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Enhance the look of your doors with our plain bearing hinges. Available in a range of finishes, from polished chrome to self colour brass, they add a touch of elegance to any door. Their sleek design with slim knuckle ensures that they complement rather than detract from your door's appearance, making them a subtle yet significant addition to your space.

This collection also includes parliament hinges. They provide additional throw to allow a door to open around a reveal or decorative architrave. The knuckle joint is shortened when compared to a broad butt projection hinge, so is less intrusive whilst providing the same functionality.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in our plain bearing hinges means choosing an economical yet high-quality solution. Their durability ensures they stand the test of time, negating the need for frequent replacements and thus offering long-term savings. With options in stainless steel and brass, this range of hinges has something for every property.

Why Choose Our Plain Bearing Hinges?

Choosing our plain bearing hinges means opting for reliability, style, and functionality. They are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality that is hard to match.

If you need hinges for heavier doors, head over to our collection of heavy duty hinges, we also have a dedicated section for window hinges which includes stormproof hinges and friction hinges. So, kit out your facility with Door Controls Direct today.

Your Next Step

Ready to upgrade your doors with our high-quality plain bearing hinges? Explore our extensive range now and find the perfect match for your doors. With our easy-to-navigate website and swift delivery options, getting your hands on these indispensable door accessories has never been easier. Shop now and experience the difference that our plain bearing hinges can make in your space.

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