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Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder Locks

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Euro Cylinder Locks: Secure Your Space with Confidence

Welcome to our category of euro cylinder locks, where security meets versatility. Euro cylinder locks are a staple in modern security, offering both robust protection and discreet aesthetics. Ideal for a range of applications, from residential to commercial spaces, these locks are designed to provide peace of mind and ease of use. 

Why Choose Euro Cylinder Locks?

Euro cylinder barrels stand out for their versatility and reliability. They are designed to fit into various types of doors, making them a go-to choice for facility managers, building contractors, and construction trades. Here’s why they are a preferred choice:

  • Enhanced Security Features: Different euro cylinder locks come with different security ratings that resist snapping, picking, and bumping, safeguarding your premises against unauthorized access.
  • Ease of Installation and Use: The straightforward design ensures easy installation, operation, and replacement, making them a practical choice for both professionals and home owners.
  • Customizable Options: With a variety of sizes and finishes available, you can choose the perfect euro profile cylinder to match your door and décor requirements.
  • Durability and Quality: Manufactured with high-grade materials, these locks promise long-lasting performance and reliability, and are easy to maintain.

Our Range of Euro Cylinder Locks

Our collection includes a diverse range of euro cylinder locks, catering to every need and preference. Our stocked options include:

  • Euro Cylinder Thumbturn: Ideal for situations where quick locking or unlocking from the inside is a preference. This could be an office door for confidentiality or a changing space for privacy. Combines convenience and security, allowing easy operation without compromising on safety.
  • Euro Double Cylinder: For doors that require key locking on both sides. Double cylinders can be used on doors that are often unlocked, or only locked for certain periods, such as corridor doors. 
  • Single Euro Cylinder: Perfect for smaller spaces that require controlled key locking from the outside e.g. storerooms and cupboards. If there is room for a person within the room it is good practice to fit a thumbturn euro cylinder so no one is locked inside. 
  • Thumbturn Only: For cupboard and storage areas that require a robust, full size cylinder lock but don’t require restricted access by a keyholder. 

Our Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to supplying top-quality euro lock cylinders. Our products from industry-leading brands undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of security and durability. We understand the importance of dependable door hardware in maintaining safety and security, and our euro cylinder locks are a testament to this commitment.

Explore Our Range Today

Dive into our selection of euro cylinders and find the perfect match for your security needs. Whether you want to upgrade your home security or seek reliable solutions for a large-scale project, our range suits every requirement.

At the core of our offerings is the promise of enhanced security and peace of mind. By choosing our single, double, or thumbturn euro cylinder locks, you’re not just purchasing a product but investing in your safety and the protection of your premises.

  • Even and Asymmetric Splits: From standard even split cylinders e.g. 35/35 to longer asymmetric cylinders for offset lockcases in thick or clad doors, we have the lock barrel for you. Take a look at the cylinder measuring guide in our product catalogue for how to accurately measure your cylinder.
  • Key Sections: Euro cylinders barrels are supplied on different platforms with different key sections. Choose from open profile, restricted, or patent restricted depending on the security requirements of your project.
  • Security Rating: In recent years, new security ratings have been introduced. You can find out about TS007 in our blog: Are Cylinder Locks Secure? 3 Star Euro Cylinders

Depending on the door, its location, and the specific requirements of your site or premises, you may have different security requirements for different doors. Check regulations and standards alongside risk assessments and access requirements to establish what fulfills all criteria.

Your facility is likely to have rim locks or different profiles of mortice lock so check out our oval profile, rim, and threaded cylinders. Padlocks, key switches, and panic hardware outside access devices can also accommodate a euro cylinder to enable you to keep your whole premises safe, secure, and accessible. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Contact our expert team for personalized recommendations and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We can provide euro thumbturn cylinders with different designs of thumb grip, colour-matched cylinders, master key systems, keyed alike cylinders, and additional keys.

Don’t compromise on security. Explore our range of cylinders today and step up your security game. Shop now and secure your space with confidence.

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Iseo F6 Extra S3 Euro Cylinder and Turn | TS007 3 Star

Code: EK3535-F6S3-SNP

The Iseo F6 Extra S3 Euro Cylinder and Turn is available in a wide range of overall sizes. Select the required size from the drop down menu. The 'T' in the size denotes which length of the cylinder the thumbturn is fitted.

This range of cylinder and turns are TS007 3 star rated and meet the Sold Secure Diamond standard.

£39.60 VAT excl

Iseo F6 ExtraS Euro Cylinder and Turn | TS007 1 Star

Code: EK3030-F6EXS-SNP

The Iseo F6 ExtraS Euro Cylinder and Turn is available in a wide range of overall sizes, including a range of asymmetric split lengths. Select the required size from the drop down menu. The 'T' in the size denotes which length of the cylinder the thumbturn is fitted.

This range of cylinder and turns are TS007 1 star rated, and can be installed with the Eurospec security escutcheon set to achieve the 3 star rating.

£25.10 VAT excl
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