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In Case of Emergency Break Glass

In Case of Emergency Break Glass

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In Case of Emergency Break Glass Units

Essential Safety for Modern Commercial Spaces

Today's commercial environment is an intricate tapestry of cutting-edge technology, evolving safety needs, and a relentless pursuit of reliability. Ensuring that all who step into your facility feel safe and secure is paramount. Within this remit, the "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" units have emerged as a pivotal player, acting as the silent guardian that is ever-prepared for unforeseen emergencies.

Historically, safety in commercial spaces was limited to basic protocols and manual interventions. With the rapid advancements in technology, we've come to understand the importance of automated yet human-centric safety solutions. Break Glass In Case of Emergency units are the embodiment of this evolution. They blend intelligent technology and intuitive usage.

Delving into the Importance of These Units:

Reliability When It Matters Most: Emergencies are, by definition, unexpected. In scenarios where every second is crucial, such as fires or security breaches, these units provide an instant response mechanism. The swift link to alarm systems ensures an immediate auditory alert, minimising panic, and confusion.

Foolproof Mechanism for Access Control: At its core, these units serve as an immediate circuit breaker within access control systems. Doors are released instantaneously once the break glass unit has been activated. This allows for an unhindered flow of foot traffic, which is crucial for safe egress.

Guard Against Technological Glitches: Advanced as they are, modern access control systems aren't without potential flaws. Residual magnetism can sometimes cause functional issues. The in emergency break glass units stand as a fairly manual backup, ready to intervene if primary systems falter.

Adaptable and Flexible Design: Commercial facilities vary in size, function, and safety requirements. Recognising this, our range includes single, double and triple pole units. Whether it's a complete circuit interruption or the integration of advanced alert systems, there's a unit tailored for every need.

The Anatomy of "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" Units

To truly appreciate their importance, let's break down the components and functionalities of these units:

Activation Mechanism: The core of these units is their ability to immediately respond when activated. The breaking of the ‘glass’ is a simple yet effective way to ensure that even those unfamiliar with the system can operate it during emergencies. These green break glass buttons are usually double operation, with a protective cover then button or key activation. 

Circuitry and Integration: Seamlessly integrated into the access control system, these units work in tandem with other door hardware security components. The immediate breaking of the circuit ensures no delay in response, a feature that can make all the difference in emergencies.

Sounder Connectivity: Especially in larger commercial premises, visual indicators might not be sufficient. The option to connect audible sounders ensures that alerts are loud, clear, and immediate.

Design Versatility: Beyond functionality, these units are designed to fit aesthetically within modern commercial spaces. The minimalist design ensures they don't stick out, but blend harmoniously while being easily locatable to users and occupants of any facility. 

Making an Informed Decision

Each commercial space is unique in its layout, function, and person density. Here's a guide to making the right choice:

Double Pole Units: Perfect for medium to large spaces, these ensure a full circuit break, guaranteeing instant door release. Ideal for spaces like offices or larger retail establishments.

Triple Pole Units: Best suited for vast commercial facilities, such as shopping centres or multi-storey offices. The added option of sounder integration ensures that alerts aren't limited to one zone but resonate throughout the building.

Dual Units: Fire alarm break glass units are available combined with a maintained keyswitch or a push to exit button for additional functionality within one product.

Integration in Access Control Systems

Also known as ERDs, emergency door releases, these units are used in conjunction with a variety of other door hardware products to provide a complete ironmongery solution. We have curated our own access control kits that include the main component products you’ll need for a standalone door. 

Alternatively, you can curate your own bespoke, tailored access control solutions by combining the following crucial products with standard door hardware such as hinges, door handles, and door closers:

Our Offerings and Commitment to Excellence

We've included industry leading brands such as RGL, with their "press to exit" green dome and break glass dual unit, ensuring that you're investing in proven quality. With competitive pricing, we're dedicated to delivering the best without impacting your budget.

These break glass call points are not single-use items. After they have been triggered they will need to be reset before they can be used again. Separate break glass fire alarm keys are available to purchase separately. Depending on the size of your facility, you may wish to keep several of these on site in various locations to allow staff to swiftly reset all units after an emergency situation.

Engaging in a Future of Assured Safety

With rising complexities in commercial functions, safety protocols cannot be an afterthought. They need to be integrated, efficient, and reliable. The "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" units are a testament to this commitment to safety.

Proactive fire safety measures are as much a moral responsibility as they are a legal requirement. Ensure your facility meets all current building regulations and safety standards by fitting compliant door hardware and access control solutions. 

Explore Our Collection Today

Safety isn't just a word; it's a promise, a commitment. We invite you to browse our "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" category and fit out your premises with a dependable access control solution. Take the step today towards a safer, more secure facility.

If you have any questions about these green break glass fire alarm units, or any other items of door hardware, contact our sales team today. Please enter a valid email address to submit an online enquiry, or call us on 01305 263300.

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