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Kaba Locks | dormakaba | Mechanical & Electric Access

From electric combination door locks to mechanical push button locks, Kaba's range is designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern facilities, be it commercial spaces, offices, or hotels. With Kaba, experience the seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled security.

Empower Your Entry Points with Kaba Digi Locks

  • Combination Door Locks: Say goodbye to the traditional key-and-lock with Kaba’s combination door locks. Enjoy the freedom of keyless entry, enhancing both your security and convenience. Models like the Simplex 919 door code lock allow users to gain access with a basic code, and the code can be changed without removing the lock from the door. 
  • Digital Code Locks: Step into the future with digital push button locks. Ideal for managing access without physical keys, these locks ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry. The weather resistant Kaba Simplex 1011 has knob operation, a tubular latch, and a single access code.
  • Keyless Locking Solutions: Embrace the ease of keyless door locks. Whether it's through a digital keypad or smart lock technology, access your space without the hassle of physical security keys.
  • Dual Operation Push Button Locks: Simplify access with push button locks with key override function. They combine the reliability of a physical mechanism with the simplicity of a code. Many Kaba keypad door locks include key override, such as the 1021 or L1021 with lever operation.

Why Choose Kaba?

  • Unmatched Security: With Kaba locks, your premises are safeguarded by top quality security solutions. From digital door locks to access control systems, each product is engineered for maximum protection, compliance, and user safety.
  • Ease of Use: Kaba's solutions are designed with the user in mind. Easy installation and user-friendly interfaces mean you can secure your space without complicated procedures. Keypads have a basic layout, clear numbering, and are easy to access.
  • Versatility: Catering to a broad spectrum of applications, internal and external use, Kaba’s product range offers flexibility and adaptability to meet any security needs.
  • Innovation: Kaba is at the forefront of access control innovation. They continuously evolve, integrating the latest technology into their locks and security systems. From electronic keypad to smart door locks that blend seamlessly with your digital lifestyle. 

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Features

  • Controlled Access: Manage who enters your facility and when with mechanical or electronic systems that offer both security and flexibility.
  • Smart Door Locks: Incorporate the convenience of smartphone access with Kaba’s smart lock options, enabling you to lock or unlock your doors with a simple tap. Contact us today for more details on these products.
  • Easy Installation: Kaba’s products are designed for straightforward installation. They ensure that enhancing your security is hassle-free, whether integrating with an existing lock or upgrading your built environment. Mechanical door locks don’t need power or even batteries to work, providing easy, keyless entry, some with free egress, holdback, and manual re-locking options.
  • Design Versatility: Not just secure, but stylish too. Kaba’s range includes turn knob and lever handle designs that complement any door, with finishes to match existing door hardware.

Kaba and Dorma: A Union of Excellence

The merge with Dorma to form dormakaba represents a milestone in access control, security, and door controls solutions. This partnership allows us to offer an even more comprehensive range of products. From key code door locks to automatic door closers, dormakaba stands ready to deliver safety and security with global reach. 

Take Action Now: Secure Your Space with Kaba

Elevate your security and convenience with Kaba's advanced locking solutions. Explore our range of mechanical digital locks, electronic door locks, and comprehensive access control solutions designed to keep you, your premises, and your assets safe. 

Whether you're upgrading your home or securing a commercial property, Kaba provides the reliability and innovation you need. Don't wait for security breaches to remind you of what's important. Make the smart choice today by choosing our door locks and security products.

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