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Solenoid Door Locks & Motor Locks

Solenoid Door Locks & Motor Locks

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Solenoid locks with superior technology, as well as unsurpassed levels of functionality and durability, make them the natural specification for a high-traffic, high security environment. Suitable for use in all kinds of access control systems – digital, card swipe or proximity – solenoid locks ensure freedom of egress as well as maintaining the security of each door. Suitable for internal doors or final exits, solenoid locks are designed to work in conjunction with many access control systems.

Solenoid door locks are morticed into a door and take the place of a traditional morticed lock such as a sashlock or a deadlock. Solenoid locks are a type of electric lock that contain a small electromagnet known as a solenoid. The lock is controlled with access control which activates the solenoid and allows the door to open. The inside handle allows free egress at all times by manually depressing the lever or handle, whilst the door remains locked from the outside unless the circuit is broken by way of access control activation with a keypad or proximity reader. Some solenoid door locks are reversible so fail safe/fail secure functionality can be obtained. They are also supplied in a range of backsets to suit different doors and requirements. 

Motor locks are very similar in functionality to solenoid lock but instead of a solenoid, they use a motor which withdraws the latch bolt to allow entry through the door. ABLOY Certa Motor locks are also suitable for internal doors or final exits, solenoid locks are designed to work in conjunction with access control, door automation and hands-free systems. Some also offer automatic deadlocking upon closing of the door for extra security. 

Some solenoid door locks and motor locks can also be used on fire doors but appropriate intumescent must be used with them, in order to comply with the fire rating. Both of these types of electric lock are suitable to provide a very high level of security. If you’d like more information on these types of lock, please take a look at the individual product specifications or contact a member of our team.

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ABLOY effeff 351M80 Electric Lock 12/24V DC - Monitored

Code: EL351M80

The ABLOY EFF EFF 351M80 Electric Lock is a fail-safe electric lock with a motorized bolt to be used on double or single acting swing doors. Suitable for concealed mounting in door leaf or door frame, it can also be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is monitored through a read switch with magnetic in the strike plate.

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