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Cylinder Locks

Cylinder Locks

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Cylinder Locks: Secure, Dependable, Essential

In the realm of door security, mortice cylinder locks stand as a paramount choice for landlords and businesses alike. As you navigate our extensive range, you'll discover why these locks are not just a necessity but an investment in peace of mind.

Unrivalled Security with Cylinder Locks

  • Dependable Design: At the heart of every cylinder lock is a mechanism crafted with precision, ensuring controlled access, whether that is a euro profile or oval profile deadlock, sashlock, escape lock or nightlatch.
  • Adaptable Use: Whether you're securing the external door of a business premises or an internal store door, cylinder locks provide the versatility to fit almost any door type. Select the right length of cylinder barrel to suit your door thickness and depth of door furniture (door handle backplate or escutcheon).
  • Durability: Built to resist wear and tear, these door locks are designed for longevity, making them a cost-effective choice for your facility or property.

Why Choose Cylinder Over Mortice Locks? 

While mortice locks have their place in the security world, cylinder mortice locks offer a more modern take on security:

  • Easy Replacement: Changing the cylinder is a straightforward task, allowing for swift security updates without replacing the entire lock.
  • Key Flexibility: The possibility of having one key for multiple locks makes managing security simpler and more efficient. Cylinders can be keyed alike or master keyed, allowing for a greater level of control over your door security and access.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Many cylinder locks come equipped with anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-snap features within the cylinder, elevating your door security. There are some security lockcase models that are supplied with security escutcheons. These are the perfect choice for external doors. 

Benefits Beyond Security

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a range of finishes, cylinder locks can complement the style of any door, enhancing its overall appearance. Contact our sales team today for more information on the range of special order door locks, including black, bronze, and polished stainless steel finishes.
  • Innovation at its Best: Continuous advancements mean that cylinder locks are always evolving, ensuring you have access to the latest in security technology. A range of functions including nightlatching and escape function is available in a cylinder lock body. Plus, some models are dual profile, accommodating either euro or oval cylinder barrels. 
  • Versatile Door Locks: DIN standard locks have the same size case regardless of function so door preparation time is minimised and retrofitting lockcases is made easy - one mortice fits all functions of lockcase. Cylinder mortice locks are available as small case deadlocks, upright sashlocks, and narrow stile lockcases for metal door installation.

Your Next Steps 

Exploring our selection of cylinder locks is the first step towards enhanced security. Every product is backed by our commitment to quality, ensuring that you make a purchase that lasts. With door locks from industry-leading brands such as Union, ARRONE, Briton, Adams Rite, Eurospec, and more, we have the perfect fit for your needs.

Invest in Peace of Mind Today 

With the ever-growing need for dependable door security, there's no better time to upgrade, replace or install a mortice cylinder lock. Don't leave your security to chance. Explore our range of door locks and security products now and make a purchase that protects.

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