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Transom Door Closers

Transom mounted door closers provide all the same functionality and efficiency of an overhead door closer but are fitted within the frame at the head of a door. They have springs inside the mechanism and these come in different levels of strength which is what the EN number refers to. The higher the EN number on a transom door closer, the stronger the spring inside it is. If you have a particularly heavy or wide door, then you would probably require a closer with a higher power size/spring strength. 

A transom door closer is a type of concealed door closer; offering a door closing solution with a nice aesthetic. They are very popular in aluminium doors and require the door to be mounted on a pivot hinge in order to work. These types of closers are also likely to offer more protection against a vandalism attack due to their application. The transom closers are available for single or double swing action doors, in various power sizes, as well as being offered with an optional hold open facility. Mechanical hold open devices must never be used on fire doors.

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