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Transom Door Closers

Transom Door Closers

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Transom Door Closers - Efficient and Stylish

Transom mounted door closers provide all the same functionality and efficiency as an overhead door closer but are fitted within the frame at the head of a door. With their concealed design, they effortlessly blend into the frame, offering a sleek and unobtrusive closing solution.

Effortless Closing for Your Space

Transom closers are very popular in aluminium doors and require the door to be mounted on a pivot hinge in order to open and close. These types of closers are also likely to offer more protection against a vandalism attack due to their application.

The transom concealed door closers are available for single or double swing doors, in various power sizes, as well as being offered with an optional hold open facility. 

Unleash the Power of Transom Door Closers

1. Unmatched Functionality: Our transom door closers offer the same levels of performance as overhead door closers. With their internal springs, these closers come in various strength levels denoted by the EN number. The higher the EN number, the more robust the spring, making it ideal for heavy or wide doors. Experience the effortless door closing like never before.

2. Superior Aesthetics: Say goodbye to unsightly surface mounted overhead door closers that disrupt the visual harmony of your space. Our transom door closers are the epitome of elegance. They provide a clean and seamless appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of any room or entrance. Enhance the beauty of your doors without compromising on functionality.

3. Enhanced Security: When it comes to safeguarding your property, our transom closers have got you covered. Their concealed installation and unique application make them more resistant to vandalism attacks. Rest easy knowing that your doors are not only stylish but also provide an added layer of protection for your facility and its users.

Tailored Solutions for Every Door Types

Our range of transom mounted door closers caters to a variety of door configurations and requirements:

1. Single and Double Swing Doors - Whether you have a single swing or double swing door we have the perfect transom closer to suit your needs. Enjoy smooth and controlled closing action for your doors, ensuring convenience and safety in every usage scenario.

2. Versatile Power Sizes - We understand that different doors have different requirements. That's why our transom door closers are available in various power sizes, like the Dorma RTS80EMB. Choose the one that best matches the weight and dimensions of your door, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

3. Optional Hold Open Function - Need the flexibility to keep your door open temporarily? Our transom closers are also available with an optional hold open facility, such as the Dorma RTS85. Perfect for busy environments or when there is more foot traffic, this feature provides the convenience you desire whilst ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Please note that the mechanical hold open devices must never be used on fire doors to ensure the safety of occupants and maintain compliance with fire regulations.

4. Complete or Mechanism - Models like the Dorma RTS87 can be supplied as a complete unit with the floor pivot, arm, strap, cover plate, and intumescent kit for 1-hour fire doors. It is also available as a mechanism only, perfect for a replacement.

Unlock the Potential of Transom Door Closers Today

Are you ready to transform your doors with the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics? Explore our range of transom concealed door closers and experience the seamless door closing solutions. Elevate your space with compact design, enhanced security, and easy operation.

Can't install a transom closer but still need a discreet closing solution? Take a look at our concealed closers and floor springs for alternative solutions.

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