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  • 15 Sep

    Fire Door Safety Checklist: 8 Step Guide

    Posted at 15/09/2020 16:29:51 / Category: Articles

    None of us like to imagine the hardship that comes when a fire strikes at a hospital, school, care home, office, or other communal space. As unlikely as such a scenario might be, being prepared for the worst is always the best strategy when it comes to minimising damage – and maximising the safety of those that are being protected. Here at Door Controls Direct, we take great pride in pledging our support to the Fire Door Safety Week campaign every year. So, we encourage you to ask yourself: are the fire doors that you encounter up to spec, and ready to protect?

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  • 14 Aug

    Touch Free Entry/Exit Solutions To Enhance Building Hygiene

    Posted at 14/08/2020 10:23:37 / Category: Articles

    There's great value to be found in reducing shared contact points within any high footfall building. Most will agree that especially since the arrival of Covid-19 – establishing great hygiene practices has never been so high on our collective agendas. After all, studies have shown that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several days. While our awareness may have increased, it is well worth noting that going contactless has always been a noble cause. Such a small intervention can truly make a big difference!

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  • 19 Mar

    Power Supplies (PSUs) in Access Control

    Posted at 19/03/2020 10:46:05 / Category: Articles , DCD News

    The common misapprehension with most Installers is that a power supply is simply just another component part of a security system, however it is the most important part! If it does not work correctly or fails to perform to its specification, then the whole system will fail. Working out what power supply you need doesn’t need to be a daunting task. This blog will explore power supply units within access control systems with the aim of helping you to select the right unit and Amperage for your requirements. There are a range of different power supplies in the market with most Access Control systems using 12V DC PSUs, but there are a lot of systems/products that can run on 24V DC including Fire Alarms, CCTV and Entry systems and so specifying the correct product is essential at the time of design.

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  • 12 Feb

    Importance of Access Control

    Posted at 12/02/2020 11:00:37 / Category: Articles , DCD News

    Access Control is the method used to provide access to certain people and deny it to others. An access control system refers to the products and components used in this method to achieve this. It doesn’t always have to be a highly technical system either; it can be as little and simple as a combination padlock or a key.

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  • 16 Jan

    Dorgard: What are they and why would I need one?

    Posted at 16/01/2020 12:58:51 / Category: Articles

    Dorgard is a fire door retainer that enables fire doors to be held open in a legal and safe manner. They are an alternative solution to electromagnetic door closers but as they are a wireless system, they are easier to install and release the door in the event of a fire.

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  • 20 Nov

    A Troubleshooting Guide for Overhead Electromagnetic and Mechanical Closers

    Posted at 20/11/2019 15:43:04 / Category: Articles

    In this post we're taking a look how you can troubleshoot overhead door closers, covering both the electromagnetic and mechanical versions.

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  • 13 Sep

    NEW RANGE! Borg Mechanical Digital Locks

    Posted at 13/09/2019 10:52:49 / Category: Articles , DCD News

    Door Controls Direct are excited to announce that we have added a new range of Borg Mechanical Digital Locks to our website!

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  • 24 Jul

    The Key Advantages of Using Floor Springs

    Posted at 24/07/2019 08:52:23 / Category: Articles

    There is such a selection of door closers available on the market, and you may wonder why anyone might choose to install floor springs rather than standard door closers. They do; after all, require slightly more expertise and work when it comes to installation. In this article, we explore some of the key reasons that you might choose a floor spring for your door.

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  • 03 Jul

    Selecting the Right Mechanical Digital Combination Lock for commercial buildings

    Posted at 03/07/2019 16:15:15 / Category: Articles

    When it comes to choosing the right type of combination lock for a commercial property there are a number of points facilities managers and building owners should consider to ensure the lock will provide the level of security required and be fit for purpose. This quick guide discusses the main factors you should consider when selecting a mechanical digital lock for your door.  Level of Security required? In multi-occupancy commercial buildings that may have rental or multi-use spaces fitting a keyless lock to access doors or gates ensures that there is no risk of users losing keys.  Lower security areas such as Store doors may require a simple keypad and latch to secure them such as the cost effective Arrone AR195 in satin chrome.  Doors to areas with a higher security requirement would be better suited to a mechanical digital lock with anti-tamper lockout function and the ability to override with a key such as the Kaba E2031 E-Plex. Volume and Frequency of Tr [...]

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  • 14 Jun

    Door closers in Care Homes – A Must read for Facilities & Care Home Managers

    Posted at 14/06/2019 16:23:10 / Category: Articles

    Selecting and fitting the correct door closers within care homes for the elderly, can be one of the many challenges that a Facilities Manager has to face. There is an array of products available on the market, an emphasis on meeting current building & fire regulations and an essential need to maintain a homely environment for the residents that is both accessible and non-institutional.

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