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  • 13 Sep

    A Practical Alternative to a Conventional Door Lock

    Posted at 13/09/2017 16:18:53/ Category: DCD News

    If you are a landlord, with either a long or short term rental property, you may find one of your biggest bugbears is keys, particularly if your building has several entrances or you have more than one property to deal with.

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  • 13 Sep

    How well Would Your Staff Perform In A Fire Safety Drill

    Posted at 13/09/2017 15:46:02/ Category: DCD News

    In the event of a fire at your work place, it is absolutely critical that your staff are well trained enough to function efficiently in such a crisis; it really doesn’t matter how recent your Fire Risk Assessment is or how well written your emergency plan if no one has taken any notice of your instructions or even practiced an actual fire-drill.

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  • 04 Aug

    5 Tips For Renters

    Posted at 04/08/2017 10:17:33/ Category: Articles

    If you rent a house your home security needs are likely to be pretty much the same as they would be if you just bought a house; you need to ensure that both yourself and your valuables will be safe and secure.

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  • 28 Jul


    Posted at 28/07/2017 12:39:43/ Category: Articles

    One of the most prevalent crimes today is home burglary and the main reason is that many people fail to incorporate even the most basic security measures into their lives, leaving their homes vulnerable to an invasion.

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  • 21 Jul

    Are You Afraid Of Being Home Alone?

    Posted at 21/07/2017 10:32:28/ Category: Articles

    Being at home all by yourself can be a totally liberating occurrence if you live in a bustling household and crave peace and quiet. However, if you are in any way timid or lacking in confidence it can turn into a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if it’s your first time home alone or if you have recently moved into your own place.

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  • 07 Jul

    Smart Security - How Will It Protect Your Home?

    Posted at 07/07/2017 16:22:46/ Category: Articles

    We’ve come a long way from the beginning of home security, where grainy CCTV footage and deadbolt locks were the most effective way of protecting our homes.

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  • 05 Jul

    Home Burglary - The Hidden Cost!

    Posted at 05/07/2017 16:36:23/ Category: Articles

    eing burgled could be one of the most devastating things that any homeowner will ever have to go through and it’s not just due to the loss of valuables, there is also the aftermath to deal with.

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  • 30 Jun

    10 Burglary Myths Disparaged

    Posted at 30/06/2017 14:47:31/ Category: Articles

    When it comes to protecting our homes, there are plenty of precautions that we should all be taking if we want to avoid being broken into and looted.

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  • 23 Jun

    Staying Safe in Student Digs

    Posted at 23/06/2017 14:38:25/ Category: Articles

    As the year hits the mid-point and temperatures are rising, (well hopefully), there are hundreds of teenagers leaving school for the final time.

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  • 16 Jun

    Boost Your Home Security and Connect Your Community Online

    Posted at 16/06/2017 14:32:09/ Category: Articles

    The media often highlight exactly how dangerous the internet, and particularly social media, can be with regard to home security.

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