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  • 05 Apr

    Why You Need A Door Closer

    Posted at 05/04/2019 12:56:58/ Category: Articles

    Essentially, a door closer is a device which closes a door automatically, either after it opens mechanically or after someone has manually opened it. According to current regulations, they should be fitted onto any fire doors, to ensure that they always close correctly after opening, unless the fire door only opens into a cupboard.

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  • 28 Feb

    Select The Right Door Closer - Handy Guide

    Posted at 28/02/2019 16:32:32/ Category: Articles

    It is important to choose the right door closer but there is a myriad of choices out there, so actually pinpointing the right one for your situation can be extremely confusing!In the hope that we can help you to make a reasonably informed choice; we have put together a short guide on the key features that must be taken into consideration.

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  • 27 Nov

    Introducing Door Controls Direct Access Control Kits

    Posted at 27/11/2018 16:39:44/ Category: DCD News

    Door Controls Direct are proud to announce an extension to our range of Access Control Kits. We’ve put together a selection of packages for access control to cater for the majority of door types including but not limited to; single and double doors, doors with electric strike or maglock locking, keypad and proximity reader entry doors.

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  • 25 Oct

    Fire Doors Vs Fire Escape Doors

    Posted at 25/10/2018 12:35:06/ Category: Articles

    Fire Doors are one of the most common misconceptions we encounter as Ironmongers. Fire Door, Fire Escape Door– they’re the same thing right? Well actually no; the two are very different and as such have different ironmongery requirements.

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  • 26 Jun

    Arrow 600 Series electromagnetic door closer

    Posted at 26/06/2018 12:23:32/ Category: Articles , DCD News

    The Arrow 624EM electromagnetic door closer is a truly versatile 24V DC unit, being adaptable for installation with EN Size 4 suitable for doors up to 950mm wide and 60kg in weight.

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  • 11 Apr

    Converting a Manual Door into an Automatic – What you need to think about

    Posted at 11/04/2018 10:34:51/ Category: Articles

    The main reason why someone might choose to convert a manual door into an automatic one, is for greater ease of access and simple convenience. Many commercial buildings have automatic doors, not only because it’s easier for their customers to use but also for energy saving reasons. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in this, you should be aware of additional considerations you might need to make.

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  • 08 Mar

    How Electronic Access Control Is Surpassing Traditional Key Entry

    Posted at 08/03/2018 11:52:54/ Category: Articles

    With the need for greater security for buildings; access control has become an increasingly popular choice across a variety of market sectors. The convenience of fob, card, biometric and keypad entry is slowly but surely replacing the use of traditional keys. This blog looks at several reasons why Access Control is a good choice for you and your business.

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  • 15 Feb

    Building Regulations: Approved Document M – A Basic Overview

    Posted at 15/02/2018 14:22:07/ Category: Articles

    Approved Document M is a building regulation that covers access to and the use of buildings. There are two parts to this document. The first volume refers to dwellings and the second volume refers to all other buildings other than dwellings.

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  • 02 Feb

    Workplace Building Regs - Part B; at a glance

    Posted at 02/02/2018 14:07:28/ Category: Articles

    Approved Document B of the Building Regulations Act 2010 is concerned with fire safety.

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  • 26 Jan

    Getting the acoustics right

    Posted at 26/01/2018 10:44:16/ Category: Articles

    Within the workplace – be it an office block, school or hotel room; the space must be designed so that the internal environment can be controlled.

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