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CDVI UK | Access Controls Solutions Manufacturer

Embarking on an Elevated Access Control Journey

In a world where the importance of security continuously scales up, CDVI UK is not just another name in the security industry. It's a hallmark of trust, innovation, and reliability. Established in the heart of Buckinghamshire back in 1999, CDVI UK has consistently been at the forefront of revolutionizing access control. 

Their journey started serving the UK and Irish markets. It then progressed to establishing a global presence as CDVI Group which reflects their passion and dedication to ensuring paramount security. Their high-quality, high-performance products can be found in a wide variety of commercial and residential premises around the world.

Reasons CDVI UK Transcends Ordinary Access Solutions

  • A Storied Legacy: Over two transformative decades in the industry, CDVI UK has not just witnessed the evolution of security solutions. It has been a pivotal player, charting new territories and setting benchmarks. 
  • Comprehensive Training Regime: Their dedication isn’t confined to just product development. Their state-of-the-art training room in High Wycombe ensures that every installation echoes their gold standards. They comprehensively equip every installer with the in-depth knowledge of their wide-ranging product portfolio.
  • A Spectrum of Offerings: Security isn’t one-size-fits-all. Recognizing this, CDVI produces a vast array of products. This ranges from the standard access solutions, like keypads and electric locks, to complex and sophisticated online entry and management systems.
  • Technological Marvels: Venturing beyond the conventional, their product lineup includes door automation, electromagnetic locks, and groundbreaking biometric access control systems. They ensure you’re always a step ahead in security. Their standalone access control products include the i500SR maglock, which is suitable for external installation and has a 500kg holding force.

Our stocked range includes:

  • Maglocks
  • Brackets and accessories
  • Electric strikes
  • A variety of transmitters and receivers
  • Access control accessories including programmable timers

Contact our sales team today for more information on these products or the wider CDVI range of access control solutions. 

Peeling Back the Layers of CDVI’s Innovations

  • Effortless Keyless Solutions: The future is keyless, and CDVI is leading the charge. With a range of keypads and readers, traditional physical security keys are a thing of the past.
  • Interactive Entry Systems: Marrying technology with security, CDVI's exceptional audio and video entry systems redefine doorstep security. It makes it interactive, efficient, and fail-safe.
  • Versatile Access Frameworks: From private residences to sprawling commercial facilities, their solutions are versatile, ensuring tailored security solutions without compromise.
  • Global Footprint: As an international supplier, CDVI doesn’t just cater to localized security needs. Their global perspective ensures that their products are adaptable, versatile, and fit for every corner of the globe.

Becoming an Integral Part of the Access Control Industry

Leading the access control industry isn't just about product innovation. It's about building relationships, and trust, and providing unwavering support. With a resolute vision of being every door hardware installer's premier choice in hardware, CDVI isn't merely a supplier. They are a partner in security. 

Their ethos, "the Installer’s choice," mirrors their commitment to unparalleled quality and top-tier performance. Whether you need online access control, a standalone solution, radio transmission, video entry, or an electric locking solution, look no further. 

The Road Ahead with Door Security

As the landscapes of construction, housing, and infrastructure evolve, so do the challenges of security. CDVI, with its finger on the pulse of technological advancements, stands ready to navigate these challenges. They ensure that your facilities remain safe and secure.

Are You Ready for a Security Transformation?

Embark on a journey of controlled access and cutting-edge technology. Experience the promise of CDVI and redefine your building’s physical security standards. With CDVI, you're not just investing in products; you're investing in peace of mind and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Delve into the world of CDVI access control and transform your door security today.

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