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Cam Action Door Closers

Cam Action door closers are a type of door closer mechanism that is particularly good at fulfilling fire door regulations, whilst also providing ease of operation and accessibility for all users; including the elderly and young children who might struggle to open a fire door with a closer on it. 

All door closers are designed primarily to do exactly that – close doors and ensure that they keep the door closed in the event of a fire to compartmentalise a building. However, in doing this, they also naturally add more resistance to a door being opened because they need to have enough power to fulfil the purpose of closing a door. A lot of door closers are designed with a degree of ease for users to be able to open doors but cam action door closers are slightly better than regular closers like rack & pinions in assisting with this issue, as they allow for a lower required force to open the door. They create less friction because they are designed to move the arm with less movement, and this means that the door is easier to open. 

Cam Action door closers are also aesthetically pleasing as they only work with slide channels, which can look a little more discreet than a scissor arm for example. Slide arm door closers like cam action door closers provide a very smooth door operation. They provide minimal resistance for doors being opened but are still very efficient when it comes to controlling and closing them.

Cam Action door closers are ideal for schools; as not only do they assist the opening of a door; they are less prone to vandalism because of having a slide arm channel. They are great for places like care homes too as they solve the problem between being fire door compliant and the requirements needed for ease of access.

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