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Cam Action Door Closers

Cam Action Door Closers

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Cam Action Door Closers - Effortless Opening

Enhance the functionality and accessibility of your doors with our range of cam action door closers. Designed to meet fire door regulations while prioritising ease of operation, these door closers offer a seamless experience for all users, including the elderly and young children who may struggle with traditional closers.

Discover how cam action door closers can transform your space, ensuring safety, convenience, and a touch of elegance.

Effortless Opening, Unmatched Compliance

At their core, all door closers serve the purpose of keeping doors closed, most in the event of a fire, effectively compartmentalizing buildings. However, this vital function often introduces additional resistance when attempting to open the door. An overhead door closer needs to provide sufficient force to closer a door against any latch fitted, and against any air pressure or external forces that it encounters.

That's where our cam action closers shine. These exceptional closers go beyond traditional rack and pinion models, significantly reducing the force required to open the door. With smoother movement and reduced friction, accessing your space becomes effortless, without compromising safety.

Cam action mechanisms work in reducing the resistance encountered when opening a door due to a decreasing opening torque. This can be seen in many models, even the Dormakaba TS91 internal door closer, which features their heart-shaped cam and linear drive mechanism.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Discreet

In addition to their outstanding performance, cam action closers have an aesthetically pleasing design. They are specifically engineered to work with slide channels, resulting in a more discreet appearance compared to bulkier scissor arm alternatives.

Embrace the sleek and seamless look that compliments any architectural style. Our slide arm door closers provide a remarkably smooth operation, granting minimal resistance when opening the door, while maintaining superior control during closing.

Our stocked range of closers are available in different finishes as a special order. So, once you've chosen your door hardware, select a closer to match, or contact our sales team if you can't see what you need.

Whether it's cam door closers, standard overhead closers, or concealed door closers, we would always recommend fitting a door stop to any door with a closer installed. It could be floor mounted or wall mounted, either would protect the door or wall from damage if the door is opened with excessive force.

Schools, Care Homes, and Beyond

Cam action door closers are the perfect solution for various environments, particularly schools and care homes. These closers not only assist with effortless door opening but also offer added security against vandalism, thanks to the slide arm channel design.

Schools can benefit from their user-friendly design, allowing for easy access for students and staff while ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. Many doors in educational facilities are high volume, getting consistent use day in, and day out. Having efficient cam action closers like the Dormakaba TS93 provide easy action, and have additional features like concealed fixings and height-adjustable slide channel.

Care homes can bridge the gap between fire door compliance and accessibility requirements, providing a safe and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. Models like the Briton 2720BD.TE closer not only have the closing forces required for use on fire doors, but also have magnetic hold open.

The high performance cam technology provides easy opening whilst the compliant hold open function gives added versatility. Fire doors can be held open during times of high traffic, when large items are being moved, or when wheeled traffic needs to use the door.

The Benefits of Cam Action Door Closers:

  1. Unparalleled Ease: Experience smooth and effortless door opening with reduced force requirements combined with reliable closing.
  2. Fire Door Compliance: Meet fire door regulations without sacrificing accessibility.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing: Enjoy a discreet and elegant body and slide channel design that seamlessly blends with any interior.
  4. Ideal for Schools: Create a safe and user-friendly environment for students and staff.
  5. Perfect for Care Homes: Strike the balance between fire door compliance and ease of access for residents and visitors.

Explore our range of cam action door closers and elevate your facility's safety, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. Browse our selection today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with the cutting-edge technology of modern cam action closers.

If you need some help choosing a model of door closer, read our blog: A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Door Closer. We walk through the key considerations and features of different types of door closing devices, plus the different mounting options.

Unlock the potential of your doors with cam action closers. Shop now and discover a new level of safety, accessibility, and style.

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