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BEA Europe

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BEA Sensors Europe - Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Welcome to the world of BEA Sensors Europe, where innovation and excellence converge to create state-of-the-art laser, radar, and infrared sensor technology for automatic door closer systems. 

As a renowned brand with a rich history dating back to 1965 in Belgium, BEA has firmly established itself as a global leader in sensing solutions, access control, and safety products. Now integrated as part of the prestigious British HALMA Group since 2002, BEA continues to expand its reach and dominate the global market.

BEA Solutions

Revolutionary Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

BEA Europe are committed to meeting the diverse needs of its valued customers across various sectors, including transportation, security, and industrial sectors. By combining cutting-edge technology with extensive industry expertise, they have developed a comprehensive range of automatic door sensors that deliver unrivaled performance and reliability. 

People flow management includes the BEA range of guidance systems, and sensors for escalators in buildings such as hospitals, shopping centres, and public buildings. There are also solutions for automatic window safety sensors for use in conjunction with power-operated windows, ensuring user safety in a variety of facilities. 

The range of BEA automatic door sensors can be broken down into three main technology types: laser, radar, and active infrared. Their pedestrian sensing solutions can be installed on sliding doors, swing doors, and revolving doors.

Unleashing the Power of Laser Technology

The BEA laser sensor, the LZR Flatscan, is part of a range of 2D and 3D laser / light sensors that provide precise and accurate detection of objects within their detection area. We supply the Flatscan safety sensors as a kit, with two sensor units for installation on an automatic swing door. It is IP54 rated and has 100 points over coverage within the 16° of 'pinch zone' around the hinges.

Unmatched Efficiency with Radar Sensors

The BEA radar sensor range includes the Eagle One, Falcon, and Magic Switch Chroma. They can also be classified as microwave sensors as they emit microwaves continuously, analysing the frequency of their return to determine if anything has moved or appeared within the detection field.

Installing BEA door sensors provides energy savings due to reduced door opening cycles. The radar/microwave technology can differentiate between a departing and approaching movement due to the difference in frequency of the returning microwaves. This unidirectionality/direction sensing allows for the sensor to open the door only for someone or something which is approaching the door.

The Eagle Artek is the most recent development in the radar sensor range. Equipped with an active digital antenna, this cutting-edge sensor surpasses its predecessor, the Eagle One, in terms of performance and functionality. Thanks to identical installation references, upgrading to the Eagle Artek is a breeze, enabling you to effortlessly enhance your sensing capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Active Infrared Sensors

Ixio-S, Milan and RS 15 BEA safety sensors all have background analysis, which makes them highly sensitive to detecting static objects close to the door. They can be combined with radar sensors to make them the perfect solution for safeguarding objects and for cover on opening doors. With BEA Sensors you can ensure the utmost safety and security in your environment.

Experience the Future of Sensor Technology with BEA Sensors Europe

With a dedication to continuous improvement and a passion for pushing boundaries, BEA Sensors Europe offers you an unparalleled range of sensing solutions. Our products go beyond mere functionality, providing you with the tools to optimize safety, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. Discover the perfect sensor for your needs and explore the full potential of BEA Sensors Europe's cutting-edge technology.

Take action now and unlock a world of possibilities. Choose BEA Sensors Europe and experience the future today.

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