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Borg Locks

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Unparalleled Security with Borg Locks

Welcome to the universe of unmatched security with our premium selection of Borg mechanical digital codelocks. Housing a diverse array of Borg digital locks, each symbolising British engineering's brilliance, we cater to all your locking needs for timber, steel, aluminium, and composite door applications.

Superior Quality You Can Trust

Since its inception in 1997, Borg Locks has been synonymous with high-quality products. Running their own manufacturing facilities allows them to maintain the consistency of their offerings, ensuring every product stands tall on their quality reputation within the door and gate physical security industry.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Convenience

Borg's Easicode Pro range is an innovation that exemplifies convenience for users and facilities managers. These locks have been designed to allow managers and users to change the lock code while the lock remains on the door. This eliminates the hassle of reinstallation and minimises down time for each door. This element of ease transforms Borg Locks into a user-friendly option that prioritises your convenience without compromising on security.

The Borg range of digital door locks includes models with rim deadlocks for thin stile gates, cabinets and lockers, plus models with a tubular latch. Their product range includes models for internal and external use, for doors and gates up to 80mm thick. Please check individual product details for model specification information.

Rigorous Testing for Dependability

Borg strive for excellence that goes beyond design and simplicity in manufacturing. They conduct cycle testing on their specially designed testing equipment to ensure that every lock leaving their facilities meets their stringent quality standards. Models are cycle tested to either 50,000 or 100,000 cycles depending on the range, providing confidence in the longevity on your doors.

This meticulous quality assurance provides you with a lock that safeguards more than just your spaces—it safeguards your peace of mind. Their heavy duty locks designed in the UK feature additional access with features like key override, as seen with the Borg BL7801 ECP. Tubular latch models also have an anti-thrust pin within the latch bolt, substantially reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access - security, no compromises.

The BL5408 ECP is also suitable for use with third party panic hardware for emergency escape doors so you can secure final exit doors whilst maintaining single action egress. This model features free passage mode allowing for free access during busy times, promoting a free flow of foot traffic. 

Why Borg Locks?

Reliable Security: With Borg Locks, you invest in a security solution that keeps your premises safe.

Quality Excellence: Witness the excellence in design of British engineering. Every lock represents top-notch craftsmanship.

Convenience Redefined: From the easy-to-change door codes of the Easicode Pro (ECP) range to the variety of applications, Borg Locks redefine convenience.

Secure Your World with Borg Locks Today!

Borg Locks don’t just offer a standard mechanical door locking mechanism—it provides a reliable security partner for your facility. With a unique blend of security, quality, and convenience, Borg Locks is ready to ensure your world is safe and secure. 

Explore our wide range today, secure your spaces with Borg Locks, and experience the ease of enhanced security. Embrace the Borg difference today.

If you need more information or have a product query then contact one of the team today. 

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