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Geofire offer an extensive range of electromagnetic fire door holders, fire door closers and other activation devices. All Geofire products are certified by independent bodies to their markets’ standards. The Geofire range includes both hard wired and radio controlled solutions in a variety of finishes and fitting applications. Functions of the Geofire products include fixed hold open with manual and EMF release, plus free swing models of door closer which are ideal to fit to bedrooms in care home environments. The Agrippa sound activated items are also supplied by Geofire, including a fire door holder and fire door closer.

Since their inception in 1972, Geofire has, since then, been manufacturing and designing a huge range of electromagnetic activation devices. These range from smoke curtain releasers, roof vent winches and fire door holders.

Geofire's manufacturing facilities have been purposely built to meet all future and existing capacity demands from the ever-growing business. This ensures Geofire have the capabilities for any-size order, large or small. They continually invest in the latest CNC machinery, improving efficiency, with a clear focus on continuous improvement.

Research and development is key to Geofire's business strategy, ensuring they consistently lead the way with new innovations.

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