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Access Control Kits

Access Control Kits

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Access Control Kits: Solutions for Enhanced Security

Your Ultimate Security Companion

In an age where security is no longer a luxury but an indispensable need, our curated range of access control kits stand at the forefront. These kits, specifically crafted for both double and single door access, highlight our unwavering commitment to offering both cutting-edge technology and the highest standards of protection.

The Importance of Access Control Systems

Modern businesses and homes demand innovative solutions to safeguard their spaces. Gone are the days when a simple mortice lock and 3 lever key would suffice. Today, we're witnessing an era where the integration of technology into security measures isn’t just desirable—it’s essential. 

Our door access control kits represent this paradigm shift, merging traditional security with the advancements of the digital age. There is a wealth of high security access control solutions on the market so we’ve made the choice simple and easy, by bringing together the essential items of access control into a wide range of kits.

Delving Deeper into the Benefits

All-Inclusive Set-Up: Our kits take the guesswork out of security installations. Each one incorporates vital components, from a maglock or electric strike to the press to exit button and emergency door release (EDR). The result? A streamlined, efficient setup that promises peak performance without the hassle.

Options Tailored for You: Different spaces have varied requirements. Whether it's the advanced technology of a proximity reader with a combined keypad or the robust reliability of a standard access control keypad, our kits ensure there's something to suit every need.

Power Supply Flexibility: With choices between a 12V DC or 24V DC application, you can select the optimal power source tailored to your specific operational needs.

Individual Components Available: Recognising that one size doesn't fit all, we also offer individual components. While our kits provide a comprehensive solution, these standalone parts let you customise your security configuration to precision. Add a different keypad or proximity reader to one of the standalone kits for a bespoke, tailored solution.

Support Every Step of the Way

Embarking on the journey of upgrading your security measures might seem daunting. But with our expert technical sales team by your side, you're never alone. From advising on bespoke solutions tailored uniquely to your requirements to offering guidance on brand-new installations, we pride ourselves on being more than just a retailer. 

We are partners in your safety journey and can guide you through solutions to provide difference levels of security, product solutions that can monitor access in real time, plus cutting edge cloud based access control.

If the kits we’ve preassmbled won’t suit every door that needs access control, then contact our dependable team today who can help you to find the right product for the right job. 

The Future of Security Begins Here

Our access control kits don't merely prevent unauthorised entry. They redefine the very experience of access. By ensuring that only legitimate admissions are smooth while effectively barring unauthorised access, our kits offer an unparalleled blend of top-tier technology and unparalleled security.

We have kits for single and double doors, external and internal use. Whether you need PIN code entry or proximity access card solutions, we have a kit for you. 

Why Our Kits Stand Out

Beyond the top-grade components and the seamless experience they offer, there's an underlying promise of quality and reliability. Our selection process ensures that every product, every component that reaches you, meets industry standards and regulations. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your space is secured by the best is unmatched.

Access control systems can also be used on fire rated doors, so why not pair access control with one of our fire door ironmongery kits for a complete door hardware solution? If installing access control to a new door, rather than retrofitting, we’d always suggest the use of a door closer. A controlled door closing device will close the door fully into the frame, allowing the electronic lock to secure the door, whilst the access control hardware ensures authorised access. 

Make the Right Choice Today

As businesses evolve and homes become more integrated with technology, the importance of effective, reliable access control cannot be understated. Our kits provide a bridge, connecting the past's security measures with the future's technological promises.

If you're looking to make a pivotal upgrade to your security measures, there's no better time than now. Dive into our range of access control kits, and witness firsthand the transformative power of modern security solutions. The fusion of traditional safety measures with today's technology awaits you.

Explore our access control kits and fortify your premises with the best in modern security today.

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Weatherproof External Gate Maglock Access Control Kit

Code: KIT12G

This Weatherproof External Gate Maglock Access Control Kit is a great solution for access controlled gates that are exposed to the elements. The kit is available in two versions - a standard kit and a kit with an IP67 Rated call point. These kits are not supplied with a keypad to give you the freedom to customise your requirements.

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