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Pocket Door Gear Systems

Pocket Door Gear Systems

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Pocket Door Gear Systems are growing in popularity within residential settings as well as more commercial environments. Pocket doors are often installed as a space saving measure, giving additional room to move around a space, add in extra storage or furniture but are also visually discreet compared to a traditional side hung door, changing, and enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

Sliding pocket doors can be installed in existing properties as well as new build premises. Pocket door gear kits and components are available to suit both single and double door applications, with pairs of doors having the option to open and close independently or simultaneously, depending on the brand and range. Soft closing devices or dampers are also a common addition to pocket doors.

There are several key details to consider when choosing a suitable pocket door kit. Door thickness is an important measurement to be aware of, with most pocket door gear being suitable for 35-44mm doors. The leaf height and width are also key factors in pocket door selection, with these dimensions dictating what kit will be required. The majority of pocket door gear systems are supplied without the door or pairs of doors, so ensure that door blanks and pocket door kits and components are compatible. One other detail to be aware of is the weight of the door leaf, with all pocket door kits having a maximum weight bearing, usually noted in kilograms. Be aware of the door leaf weight, including any items of hardware / ironmongery such as flush pull handles and flush edge pulls. The overall weight should be within the maximum limit stated for the door gear kit.

The hardware fitted to pocket doors is often a recessed flush pull handle on both faces, plus a flush edge pull on the leading edge of the door, which allows for the door to be pulled out of the pocket when the door is fully opened back into the recess. There are specialist pocket door lockcases, either lever key locks or cylinder profile locks, plus bathroom door lockcases, allowing for pocket doors to be installed in many areas of a residential or commercial property, whether non-locking or locking. Pocket door ironmongery is available in a range of traditional and more contemporary finishes to provide a matching finish to other door and window hardware.

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Scrigno Kit Single Sliding Pocket Door System

Code: SC37901

The Scrigno Kit Single Sliding Pocket Door System is a 7 piece sliding pocket door gear kit with jambs for plasterboard walls. It is easy to assemble and used to compartmentalise areas in buildings. It has small overall dimensions and is functional as a conventional door frame.

This is the pocket door kit only, a door is not included.

£169.00 VAT excl

Scrigno S Tech Double Sliding Pocket Door System With Jambs

Code: SC11003-UN

The Scrigno S Tech Double Sliding Pocket Door System With Jambs is a pocket sliding door gear system for a double door application. A preassembled unit - it saves installation time and space as the doors withdraw into the pockets. It is perfect for living areas, en-suites, compartmentation of offices and cloakrooms.

This is the pocket door kit only, a door is not included.

£599.00 VAT excl

Scrigno S Tech FD30 Dinamico Automatic Self Closing Kit

Code: SC90200

The Scrigno S Tech FD30 Dinamico Automatic Self Closing Kit must be used with the Scrigno S Tech FD30 Single Door Sliding Pocket Door Gear System to maintain the FD30 (30 minute) fire rating of the door and system. It automatically closes the door after opening to ensure complete compartmentation of the room/building and ensures compliance with UK fire door regulations.

£120.00 VAT excl
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