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5 Lever Locks

5 Lever Locks

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Discover Reliable Security with 5 Lever Locks

When it comes to securing your property, there's no room for compromise. Our range of 5 lever mortice locks offers unparalleled security, making them the preferred choice for facility managers, builders, and construction trades across the UK.

Why Choose 5 Lever Locks?

These locks provide a high level of security, meeting the British Standard BS 3621. It's not just a lock—it's a long-term investment in your peace of mind.

  • Robust Construction: Made from premium-quality materials that resist wear and tear.
  • Advanced Locking Mechanism: The 5 lever system provides a formidable barrier against forced entry.
  • Ease of Use: Easy installation and smooth operation make for hassle-free access for authorised personnel.

Comprehensive Range for Diverse Needs

Whether it’s 5 lever deadlocks or 5 lever mortice sashlocks, our selection offers something for every requirement.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlocks: Perfect for external doors, these locks provide superior protection for outbuildings like garages and sheds, as well as for residential properties. Deadlocks have one straight bolt that is locked and unlocked with a key. Install these with key profile escutcheons

Fitting a deadlock provides a push and pull opening for your door so install a pull handle and push plate with these mortice locks. They can be used in conjunction with a separate latch if handle operation is required. A five lever mortice deadlock provides the high security aspect needed for external wooden doors whilst a longer tubular latch allows for door knobs or lever handles to be fitted. 

If additional security is required, or a latch but no handles, then you can fit a rim night latch with a mortice deadlock so your door has two locking points, not just one. 

5 Lever Mortice Sashlocks: Ideal for external doors that require lever handle operation. A sashlock combines a beveled latch bolt and a straight deadbolt in one lockcase. They’re typically installed on residential entrance doors. 

Both 5 lever sashlocks and 5 lever mortice deadlocks come in two standard case sizes, with two corresponding backset sizes:

68mm case with a 45mm backset.


80mm case with 57mm backset.

Overall case and forend dimensions vary across brands and models but the depth and backsets remain very similar.

When installing a sashlock, there is an additional measurement to be aware of, this is the centre measurement between the handle follower and the keyway. This is usually 57mm for lever locks so when choosing door handles, ensure they have matching centres to your lockcase. 

Rebate Kits: These need to be installed when fitting a 5 lever mortice lock to a pair of doors with a rebated meeting stile. The rebate is usually 13mm/half an inch. Traditionally there were also 19mm and 25mm rebates but these are now a lot less common.

Rebate kits are not handed, unless specified, so can be used on left or right hand hung doors. They are brand and model specific so choose the right model for your sashlock or deadlock, and the matching finish to the lockcase and other items of door hardware

Trusted by the Experts

Facility management companies and building contractors regularly opt for mortice sashlocks or mortice deadlocks with 5 levers owing to their reliability and performance. Mortice lever locks are available with 3 levers but these are not insurance rated so are often installed on low security internal doors. 

When your project demands robust, reliable and cost-effective locking solutions, 5 lever sashlocks and deadlocks stand out as the superior choice. At Door Controls Direct we have an in house master locksmith so we are able to offer additional services such as cutting extra keys, keying alike of locks, and cutting rim length keys for thicker doors (over 57mm thick). Contact our sales team today for more information.

Don’t Settle for Less—Invest in Five Lever Mortice Locks

Explore our range of 5 lever locks from industry leading brands like Union Locks, and elevate your home security today. Experience peace of mind with each turn of the key with our door locks and security products. Don't delay—your long-term security investment awaits. Browse our 5 Lever Locks range now to secure your property with the best in the industry.

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