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Solenoid Bolts

Solenoid Bolts

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Solenoid bolts are an ideal alternative security solution, where the use of an electric strike is impractical. Solenoid bolts from manufacturers such as Alpro and Adams Rite are suitable for sliding doors and single or double action swing doors. Their versatility means that they can be fitted to either the frame of the door or morticed into the door itself, offering the user a concealed and slimline option for door security. If using a failsafe solenoid bolt; when power is applied, it drives the bolt into the door strike which prevents the door from opening. When power is cut by means of an exit button or access control keypad, the bolt is withdrawn to allow exit/entry. Solenoid bolts use a low level of power to operate but when solenoid bolts are activated, there can be a surge in amperage, so be sure to ensure that your power supply can accommodate this

Some solenoid bolts also offer door position and bolt monitoring functionality. They can be used on timber, metal or steel doors and offer various levels of holding force. There are some solenoid bolts that offer a very high level of security and there are models that are more suited to an area that has lower requirements. Slimline versions are perfect for installing on doors with narrow stiles. They can be fitted into the head or the vertical door stile.

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Alpro EB250 High Security Electric Bolt - 12/24V DC - Monitored

Code: ELEB250

The Alpro EB250 High Security Electric Bolt - 12/24V DC - Monitored solenoid bolt operates at 12/24V DC and allows for both remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors. It is also suitable for sliding or swing, single or double action operations. It can be fitted in the frame or in the door. With concealed mortise mounting and slim line styling the bolt suits most narrow stile aluminium doors and narrow profile joinery.

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Alpro DB25 High Security Slimline Deadlocking Bolt - 12/24V DC

Code: ELDB25

The Alpro DB25 High Security Slimline Deadlocking Bolt - 12/24V DC is high security and operates at 12/24V DC. This Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous operation without heat generation as well as automatic voltage regulation, dual monitoring and access control module.

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