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Fire Door Holders

Fire Door Holders

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Fire Door Retainers - Compliant Hold Open 

Welcome to our collection of fire door holders designed to safeguard your premises and provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. In the event of a fire, every second counts. Having the right fire safety equipment in place can make all the difference. 

Our range of fire door holders helps to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and gasses. They create a reliable barrier that protects lives and property. Explore our selection of high-quality fire rated door holders and discover the perfect solution for your facility.

Fire Door Holders: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Used in conjunction with door closers, a door holder is a compliant way to hold open fire doors. Door retainers hold the doors open whilst an overhead or concealed door closer provides a controlled closing action. Holders automatically release on hearing the fire alarm or in the event of a power failure with hardwired models, allowing the closer to close the door. This ensures effective fire compartmentation, which allows for safe egress for users and protects property from the spread of fire.

Within our range we have several different types of fire door hold open devices:

  • Magnetic fire door holders - 24V DC and 240V DC models
  • Acoustic fire door retainers
  • Wire free or hardwired units

Each variant provides the same hold open function and can be fitted to fire rated doors. Some models will be better suited to a particular location, door, or facility. Check the individual product details to ensure compatibility with your fire alarm system to ensure optimal functionality.

Uncompromised Safety, Unparalleled Reliability 

When it comes to fire safety, compromising is simply not an option. Our fire door holders are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. This could be a unit hard wired into the power supply or a battery powered acoustic unit.

With their robust construction and advanced features, our fire door holders are specifically designed to maintain their functionality under harsh conditions, giving you the confidence that your doors will remain securely closed during a fire emergency.

Streamlined and Effective Fire Protection 

We understand the importance of seamless integration and easy operation. Our fire door holders are expertly designed to provide a streamlined solution for your fire protection needs. With simple installation and user-friendly features, our products enable the effortless management of your fire doors. 

Equipped with innovative technology, our fire door holders ensure swift and automatic door closure in the event of a fire, minimizing the spread of flames and toxic smoke throughout your premises. These door retainers can be retrofitted to existing fire rated doors and integrated with existing fire alarm systems. 

Depending on the model and brand, door holders can be fitted at the bottom of the door, like the Dorgard and Dorgard SmartSound. Alternatively, units like the ARROW 800 electromagnetic door holder can be wall or floor mounted. On and off/test switches provide additional flexibility with a manual override function.

Versatility for Diverse Applications 

Our comprehensive collection of fire door holders caters to a wide range of applications, accommodating various door types and configurations. Whether you need a surface-mounted holder, concealed model, or electromagnetic variant, we have the ideal solution to suit your facility. 

Our fire door holders are available in different finishes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing door hardware while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic appeal. They also have substantial holding forces from 200N, so can be used on heavy duty solid core fire doors. 

Compliance Made Simple 

Staying compliant with fire safety regulations is a legal but also a moral obligation. Our fire door holders make compliance simple and hassle-free. Crafted in accordance with industry standards, our products are certified and tested to meet the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

By choosing our fire door holders, you can be confident that you are investing in a reliable and compliant solution that prioritizes the safety of users and protects your building and its contents. All units will be tested to BS EN 1155 and be linked in some way to the fire alarm system. 

If you would like to know more about fire door maintenance and fire door ironmongery, check out our blog: Fire Door Safety Checklist: 8 Step Guide.

Enhancing Evacuation and Emergency Procedures 

In the event of a fire, every second counts. Our fire door holders play a crucial role in facilitating swift and safe evacuation procedures. By effectively holding fire doors open during regular operation, they provide easy access and flow of foot traffic throughout your facility. 

However, when a fire alarm is triggered, these holders release the doors, allowing them to close promptly, isolating the affected area and containing the fire, granting occupants more time to evacuate safely. We talk about this in our blog, The Importance of Fire Drills. Doors and their hardware play a vital role in the passive fire protection measures in public and private buildings. Are yours compliant and working correctly with every operation? 

Expert Guidance and Support 

We understand that selecting the right fire door holders can be overwhelming, given the critical role they play in fire safety. That's why our team of knowledgeable experts is always ready to assist you. We offer personalized guidance and support to help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements. 

Explore our Range of Fire Door Holders and Invest in Safety Today

Take a step towards enhancing the safety and security of your premises by exploring our range of fire door holders. From their unparalleled reliability to seamless operation, our products are designed to deliver optimal performance and peace of mind. 

Browse our collection now, and select the fire door holders that align with your safety objectives. Don't compromise when it comes to fire safety – choose our trusted solutions from well known brands and invest in the protection of lives and property.

Remember, safety is paramount, and our fire door holders are the ideal choice for keeping potential hazards at bay. Place your order today and experience the ultimate peace of mind knowing you've taken proactive measures to safeguard your facility and its users. Trust our fire door holders to provide unwavering protection when it matters most.

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