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Firestop Manufacturing Ltd

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Firestop Manufacturing Ltd | Passive Fire Protection

Discover the Power of Firestop Manufacturing's Passive Fire Protection Products

Protecting lives and property is of paramount importance, and Firestop Manufacturing Ltd is at the forefront of passive fire protection. Their comprehensive range of cutting-edge products is designed to safeguard your buildings against the devastating effects of fire. 

With Firestop's expertise and innovative solutions, you can rest assured that you're making a proactive choice in securing your environment. Passive fire protection measures save lives so ensure you have the right products fitted in the right place.

Unleash the Full Potential of Passive Fire Protection

Why settle for anything less than superior fire safety? Firestop Manufacturing's passive fire protection products deliver unrivaled peace of mind. By containing and inhibiting the spread of fire, these solutions ensure that your structure and its occupants remain safe, even in the most challenging situations.

By having effective fire stops in place, users can exit a building in good time. And by containing a fire, the rescue services have more precious time to help occupants and extinguish the fire. By installing the correct intumescent hardware protection, intumescent seals, and more, you’re putting life-saving measures in place whilst limiting your liability.

Key Benefits of Firestop Passive Fire Protection:

Enhanced Protection

With Firestop Manufacturing's passive fire protection, you'll safeguard your premises against the devastating consequences of fire. Their range of solutions effectively compartmentalizes fire and prevents its rapid spread, minimizing damage and preserving your valuable assets. Whether it is pipe collars and wraps, intumescent fire seals, or fire-rated sealants, they all play a vital part in a building’s fire safety measures. 

Reduced Risk and Liability

By incorporating passive fire protection products into your building's design, you significantly reduce the risk of fire-related incidents getting out of control, and their associated liabilities. Trust Firestop’s range of intumescent products to help you create a secure environment for everyone who enters your premises.

Compliance and Certification

We understand the importance of adhering to fire safety regulations and building codes. Firestop Manufacturing's passive fire protection products are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies. With our certified solutions, you'll stay on the right side of the law whilst protecting those you’re responsible for.

Explore the Comprehensive Range of Firestop’s Passive Fire Protection

Firestop Manufacturing Ltd offers a diverse array of passive fire protection solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Their product range includes:

  • Fire-rated Sealants: Create airtight barriers to prevent the spread of smoke and flames.
  • Firestop Products: Safeguard penetrations in walls, floors, doors, and ceilings with their reliable firestop systems for FD30 and FD60 doors.

Boost Your Fire Safety Today - Choose Firestop Manufacturing Ltd

Don't compromise on fire protection when you have Firestop Manufacturing as your trusted partner. Benefit from their industry-leading products, extensive expertise, and commitment to excellence. Safeguard lives, protect property, and ensure compliance with Firestop Manufacturing's passive fire safety solutions. Take action now to secure a fire-safe environment for a brighter, safer future.

Door Safety with Finger Guards from Firestop 

In the pursuit of comprehensive building safety, the significance of door finger guards cannot be overlooked. Firestop Manufacturing Ltd takes pride in presenting its range of door finger guards, designed specifically to enhance safety in every environment, including schools. Our finger guards for doors are an essential component of finger protection, offering an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

These meticulously crafted finger guard door solutions are ideal for mitigating risks in areas with vulnerable users. They provide robust protection against potential finger-trapping accidents. Especially crucial in settings like schools, our door finger guards ensure that the safety of young learners is paramount. 

Easy to install and maintain, these door finger guards blend seamlessly with your existing door hardware. They are an investment in safety, reducing hazards, and showing your commitment to creating a secure and caring environment. 

Choose Firestop Manufacturing Ltd’s finger guards for doors in schools, offices, or any other premises, and step into a safer, more secure tomorrow.

Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal - 1050mm length

Code: XB7310WE

This Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seal (with brush) – 1050mm length, helps to prevent the spread of smoke and fire through the gap between the door frame and the door perimeter. When exposed to heat, the graphite expands to fill this gap, whilst the brush stops the passing of smoke.

Sold in packs of 25no lengths. Priced as single lengths.

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