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Fire Door Ironmongery Kits

It is extremely important that you ensure that all fire door ironmongery is compliant, and fire rated when being installed on a fire door. The fire door ironmongery kits in this section of the website are designed as an all-in-one solution for interior fire door ironmongery specification. Whether your project requires a basic specification or a high specification or even anti-microbial ironmongery specification, we offer a range of kits to suit all projects. Our kits have also been designed to accommodate different door locations such as office doors, classroom doors, bathrooms, and corridors. All kits contain everything that you will require for your fire doors, including fire rated door closers, fire rated hinges (including intumescent hinge pads for full compliance), fire rated locks and latches and appropriate fire door signage. The only thing you will need to add are your intumescent fire or fire and smoke seals around the door itself. 

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Fire Door Ironmongery Kit for Corridor - Emag Hold Open Door Closer


This Fire Door Ironmongery Kit for Corridor - Emag Hold Open Door Closer is available as a basic specification kit, a high specification kit and a high specification anti-microbial kit. These kits are ideal for corridors that require a hold open electromagnetic door closer that is connected to a fire alarm interface to ensure that they will close in the event of fire alarm activation. 

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