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Access Control Keypads

Access Control Keypads

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Access Control Keypads - Controlled Door Entry

Welcome to our wide range of access control keypads, your gateway to enhanced security and convenient access solutions. With a comprehensive selection of door access keypads, you can effortlessly manage access to specific areas or entire properties with ease and precision. 

Experience the power of advanced technology coupled with top-notch performance, all at your fingertips. With models for internal and external use, additional proximity function, and Weigand output for networked access control systems, we have an option for every facility.

Internal and External Digital Access Keypads

Empower your security locking systems with our collection of internal and external door access keypads. If you need surface-mounted options with backlit keypads for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, we've got you covered. Choose the perfect fit for your requirements and enjoy seamless control over access.

IP67 Rated Key Pads: Our selection includes basic digital keypads, perfect for both internal and external use with an impressive IP67 rating. These keypads offer outstanding protection against solids and liquids, guaranteeing reliable performance in various environments.

The ingress protection (IP) rating of 67 represents a solid rating of 6, which means the unit is dust-tight. The water rating of 7 denotes that the electronic keypads are protected against the effects of temporary  immersion in water,

IP68 Rated Key Pads: For ultimate weatherproofing, explore our IP68 rated keypads. Designed to withstand even the harshest elements, these keypads deliver uncompromised functionality, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

The water rating of 8 means the digital keypad can withstand the effects of being continuously submerged in water. Both the APX-14 and APX-16C carry the IP68 waterproof rating. 

Anti-Vandal Casing

Worried about tampering and vandalism? A selection of our access keypads come equipped with robust anti-vandal casings, providing the utmost protection against malicious attempts at entry. Rest assured that your access control system remains intact and reliable.

Door Monitoring

Stay informed and in control with door monitoring capabilities. Know when someone accesses a secured area and manage access efficiently. Keep track of authorized entries and maintain a secure environment effortlessly.

12V or 24V Options

Tailor your access control system to your needs with the flexibility of both 12V and 24V options. Enjoy versatile installation possibilities and ensure seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure.

There are multiple models in this collection that are also 12/24V AC and DC, giving you endless options for your code-entry access control.

Narrow Style Mounting

Need to mount keypads on narrow posts or external gates? No problem. Discover our narrow-style keypads designed to fit perfectly in such scenarios, providing a secure access solution without compromising on space. The RGL KPX75 is a narrow style digital keypad that is also equipped with a proximity reader, providing a second means of controlled entry. 

Proximity Reader Integration

Elevate your access control capabilities with keypads featuring built-in proximity readers. Expand your access options and improve user convenience with this versatile combination. We’ve already mentioned the narrow style keypad with proximity, but standard designs of door access control keypads, like the KPX1000 and KPX50, also feature proximity in addition to PIN code entry. 

Discover leading brands that inspire trust and confidence

  • ACT: Industry-leading access control solutions renowned for reliability and innovation.
  • Vanderbilt (Bewator): Trusted security solutions with a legacy of excellence in access control.
  • RGL: Delivering cutting-edge access control products for enhanced security.
  • Paxton: Pioneering access control solutions, setting the standard for efficiency and ease-of-use.

A Superior Alternative

Step away from traditional mechanical lockcases or mechanical digital locks and embrace true access control. Our door access keypads provide a seamless and efficient experience, ensuring only authorized personnel gain entry using pre-assigned PIN codes. 

Digital code entry ensures that physical credentials such as keys cannot be passed on or lost. And units such as the RGL KPX2000 have multiple relay outputs that allow for additional functionality such as the connection to an external buzzer or bell.

Take control of your security and access management today with our exceptional range of access control keypads. Embrace the future of access control and experience the seamless blend of security and convenience. Browse our selection now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is safeguarded by top-tier technology and unwavering reliability.

Unlock the potential of secure access with our premium keypads, used in conjunction with our range of electric locking and door hardware solutions. Shop now and take the first step towards a safer, smarter future. Your safety and security is our priority.

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Vanderbilt V44 Duo Keypad

Code: EKPV44

The Vanderbilt V44 Duo Keypad has an IP rating of IP54 and a cast metal housing with stainless steel buttons plus a security lock. This Duo keypad is designed for use on one or two doors, using separate codes for two doors, or the same code for both. With two relay outputs, two doors can be controlled at once, or one door plus an additional optional function e.g. operating a light switch.

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