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Floor Springs

Floor Springs

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Floor Springs - Concealed Door Closers

Experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics with our range of floor springs from industry leading brands.

Floor spring door closers close a door after it’s been opened just like a standard overhead door closer but the difference is that these floor springs are fitted into the floor in a cement box.

They are particularly suitable for heavy doors and high traffic locations. As a concealed unit they leave the door with a clean aesthetic appearance and will minimise the opportunity for vandalism.

We offer single-action and double action versions and all accessories such as door straps that are needed to be used with them. Our range includes self-closing floor springs that are Certifire approved for use on fire doors and carry the CE mark.

They are quite similar to transom door closers (except transoms are in the head of the door), they operate via a spring which is available as either a fixed power size or a variable power size. Heavier and wider doors should use a floor spring with a more powerful spring.

Unleash the Power of Floor Springs

1. Superior Strength for Heavy Doors: Our floor mounted door closers are engineered to effortlessly handle the weight of heavy doors, up to 300kg. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn doors and welcome a smooth, controlled closing motion.

2. High Traffic Solution: In bustling environments where doors are constantly in use, our floor springs come into their own. They excel in areas like retail establishments, hotels, and educational facilities, guaranteeing consistent door closing despite constant, heavy use.

3. Aesthetics that Impress: Create a visually appealing space with our concealed floor springs. With no unsightly hardware on display, your doors will exude sophistication with their clean lines, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your interiors. The visible part of the unit is the cover plate, usually supplied in satin stainless steel. Other finishes are available so please contact our technical sales team for more information.

4. Uncompromised Security: Safeguard your premises with our floor springs. Reinforce the strength of your doors and deter potential intruders as the units are completely concealed when the door is closed. With our sturdy and reliable solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind without compromising on style.

Single Action or Double Action: The Choice is Yours

Our range of floor springs caters to diverse door configurations, offering maximum flexibility. Some models accommodate door leaves up to 1400mm wide and 300kg.

1. Single Action for Convenience: Opt for our single action floor springs for doors that require closing action in one direction, such as residential entrance doors. These springs provide a controlled, reliable closing mechanism for a wide range of applications. Single action mechanisms are often handed left or right, so check which version you need.

2. Double Action Versatility: If your doors need to close in both directions, our double action floor springs are the ideal choice. Enjoy the convenience of effortless two-way door operation without compromising on security. The closer mechanism will return the door to the central closed position regardless of which way it is opened. Floor springs are the perfect choice for shop entrances, as they don't restrict the user and can aid in more free flowing foot traffic.

Customise Your Solution - Functions and Accessories

Complete your floor spring installation with our comprehensive range of accessories, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

1. Door Straps: Explore our collection of single and double action door straps to perfectly compliment your floor springs. These essential accessories ensure optimal performance. Make sure to select the right pack for the model and your application.

2. Certifire Approved: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to fire doors. Some of our self-closing floor springs are Certifire Approved for use on fire doors, providing you with reliable protection and peace of mind. The fire rated accessory packs are supplied with the intumescent kit you'll need for installation on a fire control door. We also have electromagnetic floor springs with hold open function, like the Dorma BTS80EMB. A compliant way to hold open heavy fire doors.

3. Additional Functions: If you're looking for complete control of the closing cycle, look for functions such as backcheck, adjustable closing speed and adjustable latching action.

4. Accessories: Some units are sold as mechanism only, others are supplied with spindles, and some as complete units. This allows for flexibility for facilities managers with holding stock or ordering spare parts for existing units.

Find the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right floor spring for your specific needs is crucial. Remember these key factors when selecting the ideal option:

  •  Power Size: Determine the spring power size based on the weight and width of your door. Heavier and wider doors require floor springs with more powerful springs. Our range covers various power sizes to suit different types of doors in your facility.
  • EN Number: Watch out for the EN number, as it indicates the closing strength of the spring. Higher EN numbers signify more robust and powerful floor springs, ensuring optimal door control. Some units have a fixed power size, like the Dorma BTS80F, whilst others have variable power sizes like the Geze TS550NV.
  • Fire Rating: Controlled door closers on fire doors should be set at a minimum power size EN 3. This could be a fixed power size unit or a mechanism with adjustable power size which is set to EN 3 or above.

Experience Seamless Retrofitting

Unsure about which floor spring suits your retrofit requirements? Our expert team is here to assist. Contact us today and we'll provide personalised guidance to help you make an informed decision.

You can also contact us to find out about specific models that are available for use on toughened glass doors and aluminium doors, like the Dorma BTS 84 fixed power size unit.

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GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring c/w Backcheck - Mechanism Only

Code: DCG500N

The GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring is a universal floor spring and comes complete with backcheck.  It is non-hold open and available as single action or double action (accessories sold separately). It offers adjustable closing speed and is suitable for 30 minute fire door applications when used with intumescent. This product is the mechanism only.

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