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Floor Springs

Floor spring door closers close a door after it’s been opened just like a standard overhead door closer but the difference is that these floor springs are fitted into the floor in a cement box. They are particularly suitable for heavy doors and high traffic locations. As a concealed unit they leave the door with a clean aesthetic appearance and will minimise the opportunity for vandalism. We offer single-action and double action versions and all accessories such as door straps that are needed to be used with them. Our range includes self-closing floor springs that are Certifire approved for use on fire doors and carry the CE mark.

They are quite similar to transom door closers (except transoms are in the head of the door), they operate via a spring which is available as either a fixed power size or a variable power size. Heavier and wider doors should use a floor spring with a more powerful spring. The higher the EN number, the stronger the spring is. If you are retrofitting your floor spring but are unsure which is suitable, please contact us and we will be happy to help

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GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring c/w Backcheck - Mechanism Only

Code: DCG500N

The GEZE TS500N EN 3 Cam Action Floor Spring is a universal floor spring and comes complete with backcheck.  It is non-hold open and available as single action or double action (accessories sold separately). It offers adjustable closing speed and is suitable for 30 minute fire door applications when used with intumescent. This product is the mechanism only.

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