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Maglocks (or electromagnetic locks) are a popular and common locking solution for doors. There are two main components of a maglock; a magnetic mechanism and a contact/armature plate which lock together when an electrical current passes through the mechanism. As there are no moving parts, maglocks are often more durable and harder wearing than other locking products.

Maglocks are generally a surface mounted budget electronic lock which offers a barrier for low security situations. They are available in varying holding forces such as our standard 300kg and 545kg maglocks but we also offer an 1800kg Adams Rite variant. They are suitable for either single door or double door scenarios and are an ideal device for retrofitting. There are also specific internal maglocks for doors and external maglocks for gates, some are morticed and others are surface mounted. There are housings and Z&L or L brackets to assist with this. Some architectural brackets are also available to give an aesthetically pleasing look to them.

Some maglocks offer the function of door monitoring. This means that there is usually an LED indicator that confirms whether the door is locked or unlocked. You can also use a relay to wire a simple buzzer in to an access control system so that a sound is emitted when the door is open.

All Maglocks have "Fail Safe" or "Fail Unlocked" operation and they are designed so that when power to the door is cut, i.e. in an emergency, the door is unlocked for easy passage through the door to safety. When power is going through the maglock, it passes through a coil within the mechanism that generates a magnetic field and locks onto the armature plate, when power is cut, this stops and thus releases the door. If you’re looking for a solution where the door is "Fail Secure" or "Fail Locked", you might want to consider an electric strike instead.

Fire rated maglocks are usually only fire rated if installed with the armature housing that it has been tested with, as this negates the need to create holes in the door and doesn’t harm its integrity. Always be sure to check the Manufacturer’s notes on this.

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