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Door Stops - Wall & Floor

Door Stops - Wall & Floor

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Door Stops | Wall and Floor Mounted

In basic terms, the seemingly modest door stop plays an indispensable role in protecting walls, doors, and furniture from damage. Our curated selection includes a variety of designs to meet every need, from heavy-duty applications to residential installations. 

This collection of stops doesn’t prevent doors from closing - they are not hold open products. They instead prevent a door from being opened and banging into a wall, skirting, architraves, people passing by, or furniture. If you need something to hold a door open, consider fitting a cabin hook to external doors.  Or a product such as the Dorgard fire door retainer can be used if you have a fire rated door. 

Versatile and Durable

Our range includes floor mounted and wall or skirting mounted projection stops. They typically have a rubber buffer so the door doesn’t open onto bare metal. With different lengths, sizes, shapes, finishes, and fixing methods, door stops are as versatile as they are functional.

Whether a floor or wall door stop, they’re crafted to blend seamlessly into any setting. If you're outfitting a bustling commercial facility or a home, our products offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Floor Mounted Door Stops: These robust solutions come in a range of designs and sizes, are easy to install, and come in various finishes, including chrome and stainless steel. Floor door stops can be fitted in any position, in any location, just be aware that they don’t cause a trip hazard.
  • Wall Mounted Door Stops: Perfect for high-traffic areas, the projection prevents door handles from impacting walls, and doesn’t impede floor cleaning. Check the length of the stop is sufficient to offset the projection of your door handles.
  • Specialised Options: Our ironmongery range also includes fire door stops and foot-operated stops - a solution for every door.

Quality Materials and Finishes for Every Interior

Our selection includes heavy duty metal door stops along with more standard options like projection door stops, offering durability and compatibility with any design of decor or door.

  • Brass: For a sophisticated look that lasts, our polished brass door stop options stand the test of time.
  • Chrome: Offering a modern touch, satin and polished chrome door stops are as stylish as they are functional.
  • Stainless Steel: The perfect finish for commercial and industrial sites - easy to clean, unobtrusive, and complementary to many hardware finishes.
  • Black: Modern office, hotel, or home, a matt black finish is never out of place. For a traditional black iron cottage feel, high end boutique bathroom, or a cosy bedroom, black door hardware enhances any facility. 

Designed for Safety and Convenience

In any setting, safety is a priority. The heavy duty door stop options provide robust, safe door stopping options that are essential for commercial environments. Corridors, plant rooms, warehouses can all have large, wide, heavy doors so, when opened with force, need something stable to stop against, like this anchored door stop.

If you need a door to stop in a certain position and stay there, then our foot-operated door stop is for you. It adds convenience, allowing easy operation without bending down, perfect for holding open a non-fire rated door. If you have fire doors that need to be stopped in an open position then consider installing an electromagnetic door holder for added control, alongside a traditional mechanical door closer

Dependable Door Control Solutions

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can be seen in every product we offer. From the selection of materials to the range of finishes, our door stops are designed to offer both protection and style. 

Whether you're looking to outfit a commercial project or seeking the perfect finish for your home, our collection ensures you'll find exactly what you need. Contact us for products such as spring door stops, rubber door stops, wall mounted buffers, wedges, and magnetic holders.

Discover the difference quality door hardware can make in your space. Explore our range today and find the perfect blend of functionality, style, and durability.

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