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At Door Controls Direct we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality door hinges at great prices. We have carefully selected products to suit each of your requirements, for both internal and external timber doors and for both light and extensive use. We also have the know-how to offer advice if you need it. Please call our know-how hotline on 01305 257996

We supply door hinges for a huge range of door applications. For fire door butt hinges we can supply CE marked products compliant to BS EN 1935 standards including the HOPPE range.

Please note – grades vary on each hinge type so click through on each listed product for the extra information you require.

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    £ 61.75 VAT excl. In Stock

    Geze Boxer satin stainless steel double action pivot set with double action top centre, double action bottom strap, double action bottom pivot and intumescent fire pack.


    £ 61.75 VAT excl.
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    £ 6.80 VAT excl. In Stock

    A fully concealed, maintenance free, low friction hinge. It is Grade 13, manufactured from Grade 304 satin stainless steel and measures 102mm x 76mm. This hinge is fire-rated and suitable for a maximum adjusted door weight up to 120kg.


    £ 6.80 VAT excl.
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    £ 1.49 VAT excl. In Stock

    A high performance, low friction ball-bearing hinge. It is Grade 13, fire-rated and suitable for a maximum adjusted door weight of up to 120kg. This hinge measures 102mm x 76mm and has a satin stainless steel finish.


    £ 1.49 VAT excl.
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