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Intumescent Vents & Letterboxes

Intumescent Vents & Letterboxes

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Safeguarding your building is essential and you want to ensure that it is as protected as possible. In this section, you will find a range of intumescent products for vents, letterboxes, and pipes.  

Intumescent letterboxes expand in the event of a fire to fill the gap where air could get through to feed the fire and help to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading. Our intumescent vents do the same and the intumescent swells to close any gaps – they can give the occupiers extra time to escape from their properties. 

Our intumescent pipe collars are to be fitted on pipes that pass through walls. They are installed on surface openings and work by expanding during a fire, crushing the plastic or thin aluminium pipe which fills the space and prevents the fire from further spreading. The metal casing stops the intumescent from expanding outwards.

We also supply regular architectural letter plates and mailboxes as accessories to complete your building project.

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