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Emergency Door Release

Emergency Door Release

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Emergency Door Release - Green Break Glass Units

In the dynamic landscape of modern business facilities, the emphasis on safety is increasing. With the myriad of technologies and complex operations in these spaces, the integration of effective safety solutions, like emergency door release buttons, is not just an enhancement but a necessity. 

This range of products offers a blend of safety and user-centric functionality. These may look similar to fire alarm call points but they have a different function. Fire alarm call points are always red and when activated, trigger the alarm system.

Emergency break glass call points are green and when activated, release the electric locking element of an access control system. This allows for safe, instant egress for a building’s occupants or users in an emergency situation.

Why Choose an Emergency Door Release:

1. Instant Response in Crucial Moments: In unpredictable emergencies, time is of the essence. The "emergency break glass" feature offers immediate activation, ensuring doors are released promptly, facilitating rapid evacuation, and minimising potential harm.

2. A Benchmark in Access Control Systems: While advanced security measures are pivotal, they can be susceptible to glitches. The "emergency door release" units stand as a fail-safe mechanism, ensuring uninterrupted egress at any time required. 

3. Versatility for Varied Commercial Needs: Commercial spaces are as diverse as the businesses they house. Our product range, from single to triple pole units, ensures every establishment finds its fit, be it a retail space, an office building, or a multi-building facility. These emergency door releases fit on a single gang backplate for ease of installation. 

Decoding the Emergency Door Release System:

Activation Precision: The efficacy of these units lies in their immediate reaction upon activation. Their design ensures even those unaccustomed can operate it swiftly in emergencies. The bright green casing makes them easily identifiable as a means of safe exit.

Integration Excellence: Harmonising seamlessly with prevalent access control systems, these units enhance the security aspects, offering an immediate response without any lag, crucial during emergency situations.

Audible Alerts: With large spaces, visibility can sometimes be a challenge. These units can be interconnected with sounders to provide clear and immediate auditory notifications. This can assist other users in exiting a space or building safely as they’re alerted to any potential issues.

Aesthetic Consistency: While they stand as a beacon of safety, these units are also crafted to align with the aesthetics of modern spaces, offering a blend of functionality and design. 

Remember, these units are not single-use. Post-activation, they require a reset. Emergency door release keys, available separately, enable swift resets, ensuring you're always prepared.

Tailoring the Right Choice for Your Space:

Single Pole Units: Perfect for smaller venues or specific zones, these combine the break glass alarm feature with door release functionality. They control a single circuit and are a cost effective solution for single isolation. 

Double Pole Units: Ideal for larger spaces, these provide a complete circuit break, enabling immediate door release. Suitable for multifunctional spaces. Double pole isolation is often the minimum for fire safety so check with your local fire officer for the exact requirements for your facility.

Triple Pole Units: Tailored for expansive facilities, the added feature of sounder connections ensures alerts resonate across vast spaces. Triple pole units are typically used with more complex setups allowing for a light or audible connection.

Dual Units: Emergency door release units are available combined with a push to exit button or keyswitch for additional functionality within one unit.

Harnessing Integrated Access Solutions

Often referred to as ERDs,  emergency door releases are units that work well with a spectrum of door hardware products. Ensure you have a reset key on hand as once the releases have been triggered, they need to be reset before they can be used again.

In order to make purchasing door hardware as easy as possible, we've curated our own access control kits, ensuring you have a comprehensive solution for every type of door. So, once you’ve selected the fit you need, check you have all of the additional items that might be required.

Alternatively, craft your completely personalised controlled door security solution with a range of products, from power supply units and back up batteries to proximity readers, access control keypads, and push to exit buttons. 

Embarking on a Safer Tomorrow

With the evolving demands of commercial facilities, ensuring the safety of every individual is paramount. The emergency door release units echo this commitment, reflecting the future of integrated safety.

Every responsible person holds a moral and legal obligation towards fire safety. By incorporating our range of compliant door hardware and access control solutions, you uphold this responsibility with conviction.

Dive into Our Range Today

Commit to a safe and secure future. Delve into our emergency door release collection and equip your establishment with an unmatched safe egress solution. For enquiries or further details, our sales team are a phone call or email away. Secure your premises with the best.

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