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Fire Brigade Locks

Fire Brigade Locks

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Fire Brigade Locks: Secure Access for Emergency Situations

Unlock peace of mind with our range of fire brigade locks, a critical element for any building's safety infrastructure. Our door lock selection meets the stringent requirements of the UK's fire safety standards, ensuring that when every second counts, emergency services gain swift, unhindered access. 

Whether you're a facility manager, a construction professional, or a maintenance contractor, you'll find that our fire brigade locks blend reliability with ease of use.

Optimised Safety with FB Keys & Locks

  • Guarantee instant access for the fire services with our FB1 keys and FB2 keys.
  • Tailor your fire safety measures with a variety of FB keys compatible across FB lock types.

Precision Engineering for Dependability

  • FB locks are precision-engineered to withstand the rigours of emergency situations.
  • Choose FB locks for consistent performance that the fire brigade can trust during critical moments.

Bespoke Solutions with Fire Brigade Locks Keys

  • Our fire brigade keys are designed for an array of applications, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements. Choose the correct key that is compatible with your FB lock model.
  • Select from a range of FB keys, knowing that you're ready for any emergency access necessity.

Simplifying Emergency Access

  • The versatility of the FB key system means seamless integration with your existing security measures.
  • FB lock solutions provide a uniform approach to emergency access, streamlining the fire brigade's entry process.
  • Install these locks to cupboards or riser doors to provide swift access to authorised personnel to active fire safety measures.

If you need compliant emergency exit hardware then look no further than our panic hardware category. With door hardware successfully tested to BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179, we have something for your final exit escape doors as well as risers and storage cupboards.

Building Trust with FB2 and FB1 Locks

  • Investing in our FB2 and FB1 locks signifies a commitment to not only security but also to the welfare of occupants and property.
  • Fire brigade locks are a hallmark of preparedness, exemplifying due diligence in fire safety management.

Discover the Advantages of Fire Brigade Locks:

  • FB1 keys and FB2 keys enable you to standardise access points across multiple locations for the London Fire Brigade.
  • Fire brigade keys are robust and durable, ensuring reliability in emergencies.
  • The simplicity of the FB lock design facilitates quick action by firefighters, reducing potential damage and safeguarding lives - one FB1 key will open all FB1 locks.

Our Collection Awaits Your Selection 

Peruse our selection of fire brigade locks and take the step towards fortified safety. Each product in our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to quality and dependability. Choose the necessary fire brigade keys, and rest assured that you are upholding the highest standards of fire safety compliance.

Ensure Your Preparedness 

Select the perfect match for your needs from our FB1 and FB2 locks and keys. With ease of installation and operational reliability, these mortice door locks are an indispensable part of any building's fire safety protocol.

Take Action Today 

Explore our door locks now and reinforce your building's defense against emergencies. Our experts are on hand to guide you to the most suitable options for your specific needs so contact us today. Enhance your fire safety measures with locks that promise unwavering reliability when it matters most. Shop now and secure your premises with confidence.

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