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Lorient | High Performance Door Sealing Systems

Lorient are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of high-performance sealing systems for fire, smoke, acoustic and thermal containment. Operating from Devon for over 40 years, Lorient are now part of the ASSA Abloy group, a complimentary pairing for a company which prides itself in quality products, industry leading technical knowledge and support, with a focus on products that save lives, enhance the quality of life and preserve property. 

Lorient are arguably best known for the extensive range of door seals and architectural seals. Their selection of intumescent, smoke, and acoustic seals, with plain strip, brush seal or blade seal provide compliant solutions to single and double door applications in commercial environments. A prime example of a carefully developed and manufactured product is the popular twin blade Finesse seal, which is durable, high-performance and available in over 25 different finishes including metallic and woodgrain. 

Architectural seals form a large part of the Lorient range, but their products are not only aesthetically pleasing, providing a discreet yet functional part of high end projects. The Lorient product range includes door hardware protection, air transfer grilles and glazing systems in addition to acoustic, smoke and fire door seals. An example of the diversity of their product offering is the Lorient door edge protector which can be found in educational establishments, healthcare, retail, and residential sectors. This product provides physical protection for the door itself plus 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection, meeting the requirements of Approved Document M and protecting against germs, sound, fire and smoke.

The technical expertise that Lorient embody is visible in their product design and development but also in their testing and technical services that are always being refined and advanced. Lorient continue to support others in the industry by offering a comprehensive range of acoustic and fire testing plus smoke and air leakage testing services and facilities. Lorient actively promote and encourage education in relation to industry regulations, product solutions and safety, particularly regarding fire door safety and offer fire door inspection services, which have never been more important.

Lorient Door Finger Guards: Innovatively Safe and Compliant Solutions for Every Door

Embodying Lorient's dedication to high-performance and life-preserving products, their range of door finger guards sets a new benchmark in safety and compliance. As a part of the renowned ASSA Abloy group, Lorient leverages decades of expertise in Devon to offer door finger guards that blend seamlessly with our extensive range of door sealing solutions, offering enhanced safety in diverse environments.

These finger guards are a testament to Lorient’s commitment to not just functional excellence but also to aesthetic integration in high-end projects. Perfectly complementing their popular door seals, like the twin blade Finesse, our door finger guards are available in a variety of finishes to match any décor, while providing essential protection against finger trapping incidents. This makes them an ideal choice for educational establishments, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and residential sectors. Contact us today for details on special order products. 

Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail and quality as their architectural seals and door hardware protection solutions, door finger guards offer both durability and performance. They provide an additional layer of safety to their door edge protectors, enhancing their fire and smoke protection capabilities. These guards are designed for the hinge cavity and hinge knuckle sides of the door.

At Door Controls Direct, we understand the importance of comprehensive safety solutions. Lorient door finger guards are an embodiment of this understanding, offering practical and reliable safety enhancements for any door. As with all Lorient products, these finger guards benefit from their ongoing commitment to technical excellence, rigorous testing, and industry-leading support, ensuring they are not just products, but integral parts of a safer, more secure environment.

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