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Lever Locks

Lever Locks

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Lever Locks: Traditional Door Security

In today's fast-paced world, security remains paramount. However, nobody said that security couldn't be married with tradition. Welcome to our lever door locks category, where the fusion of safety and design takes centre stage.

Why Choose Lever Locks?

  • Superior Security: At the heart of our collection is the 5 lever mortice lock, renowned for its robustness. With five levers intricately working together, this lock offers heightened protection against picking, making it an ideal choice for external doors and high-security areas.
  • Versatility: Whether you're looking for the advanced security of a 5 lever lock or the simplicity and efficiency of a 3 lever lock for internal doors, our range has got you covered. Each lock is meticulously crafted to ensure longevity and dependable performance. If you need a bedroom door lock, or lock for a cupboard, then a 3 lever sashlock or deadlock is a great, low cost solution.
  • Security in Design: Beyond a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, lever locks provide security for your internal and external doors. Whether your property exudes a contemporary vibe or a classic aura, there's a lever lock to complement your door hardware and protect your property.
  • Ease of Installation: While these locks are intricately designed, they're straightforward to install. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, the installation process is seamless. Hollow out a mortice to suit the lockcase body dimensions, then cut outs in line with the keyway and handle follower, if installing a sashlock.
  • Access and Security: With lever sashlock and lever deadlock options your facility or residence can remain secure but with options for lever handle operation if using a sashlock. If you’re using backplate furniture, ensure the door handle centres match the lockcase centre measurements, usually 57mm on lever locks.

Insurance Rated 5 Lever Locks

BS 3621 is a recognised British Standard that pertains to thief-resistant lock assemblies used within the UK. This standard is often referenced by insurance companies and security professionals as a benchmark for lock security on external doors, including entrance doors to homes and other properties. 

5 lever locks that comply with BS 3621 have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they offer a high level of resistance against common burglary techniques. Featuring the distinguishable British Standard Kitemark on the faceplate, these locks provide homeowners and businesses with added assurance of their robustness and quality. Meeting the BS 3621 standard not only ensures enhanced security but can also be a requirement for certain insurance policies.

Select from a sashlock or deadlock, brass or satin chrome finish, and a 45mm or 57mm backset. Rebate kits are also available when installing a lever door lock on a pair of rebated doors.

Rebated Door Kits

A rebate kit is an essential component for those looking to fit a lock into double doors or doors with a rebated meeting edge. In essence, it is a set of additional plates that adapt a standard lock to fit seamlessly into the recessed or 'rebated' area of doors. Without a rebate kit, achieving a secure and tight fit for locks on rebated doors can be challenging. 

By using this kit, home installers, maintenance contractors, and joiners can ensure that the lock functions optimally, providing the desired level of security while maintaining the door's functionality. For anyone dealing with double doors or rebated doors, a rebate kit is an indispensable tool to have in their stocks.

Explore and Secure

Every space deserves the best protection, and with our extensive range of lever locks, you're one step closer to achieving this. Dive deep into our lever locks category, and discover the perfect lock tailored for your needs. From the unmatched security of the 5 lever mortice lock to the simplicity of the 3 lever lock, there's something here for every requirement and taste.

If you’re installing a deadlock but require a latch to hold the door in the closed position, you can always combine a mortice lock with a rim lock, such as a surface mounted night latch.  

Your Next Step to Enhanced Security

Don't compromise on safety or style. Browse our door locks category today, which includes industry leading brand Union, and elevate the security and elegance of your facility. Secure your space with confidence. Explore now.

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