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Electromagnetic Door Holders

Electromagnetic door holders will allow a fire door to be held open electro-magnetically allowing a free flow of traffic. In the event of a fire (or power failure), the magnet is released and the door closer will close the fire door securely to help limit the spread of fire throughout a building. This type of door control is ideal for busy corridor doors such as those found in hospitals or schools.

Electromagnetic door holders can be either wall mounted or floor mounted and some can be supplied with chains that connect to the magnet and the armature in situations where a fire door is not able to directly connect the armature plate to the magnet. All electromagnetic door holders should be interfaced with the fire alarm in order for it to work as it should and cut power in order to release the door upon activation of a fire alarm. We stock electromagnetic door holders from Geofire, DormaBriton and Dorgard.

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