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Electromagnetic Door Holders

Electromagnetic Door Holders

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Magnetic Door Holders - Electromagnetic Hold Open

Electromagnetic door holders will allow a fire door to be held open electro-magnetically. This allows for a free flow of traffic through the door. In the event of a fire or power failure, the magnet is released. The door closer will then close the fire door securely. They provide a quick and easy to install retrofit option compared to a magnetic door closer.

Unleash the Power of Electromagnetic Hold Open Devices

Our magnetic and acoustic door holders harness the power of hold open technology. They empower you to enjoy a seamless flow of traffic throughout your facility. These devices allow fire doors to be conveniently and safely held open, ensuring effortless movement within your building.

Whether it's a bustling hospital corridor or a college hallway, our magnetic door holders create a welcoming environment without compromising safety or function.

Our range of wireless and hard-wired door holders offers a perfect solution for optimising accessibility, safety, and convenience in various settings. With options for white, black, or silver finishes, there is a model to match your existing door hardware.

Reliable Fire Protection When It Matters Most

Safety is our utmost priority, which is why our magnetic door holders are engineered to provide robust fire protection. In the event of a fire or power failure, our intelligent systems spring into action. Once triggered, the magnetic force is released, seamlessly allowing the door closer to securely close the fire door. In combination, they effectively contain and limit the spread of fire throughout your building.

With our door holders in place, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your property and occupants are safeguarded. Your fire compartmentation is ensured by installing a door holder alongside a CE marked controlled door closer.

Flexible Mounting Options for Versatile Installations

We understand that every door configuration is unique, which is why our door holders offer versatile mounting options. Whether you prefer wall mounted or floor mounted solutions, we have you covered.

Our products are meticulously designed to adapt to various door types and structures, ensuring ease of integration into your existing setup. Additionally, some of our door holders come with chains, allowing for an indirect connection between magnet and the armature plate when a direct connection is not possible.

Door retainers can be installed with overhead door closers or with concealed floor springs. It is recommended that the door holder is fitted on the same horizontal plane as the closer. This is to avoid twisting forces on the door leaf.

Door holders will hold a door open until they are manually or automatically released. They are available in different voltages, 24V DC or 240V DC, with many models having a holding force of 200N. Make sure to check your door weight and any existing door closer to ensure you're selecting a suitable door holder.

Seamless Integration with Fire Alarm Systems

To ensure optimal functionality, all of our electromagnetic door holders are designed to interface flawlessly with your fire alarm system. This integration is crucial for the proper operation of the door holder. It enables the unit to receive signals from the fire alarm and respond swiftly when needed.

By linking the door holder to your fire alarm system, you create a connection that cuts power upon activation of the fire alarm. This promptly releases the door to fulfil its fire and smoke containment role effectively.

Some units are triggered acoustically, like the Dorgard, Dorgard SmartSound, and Agrippa acoustic digital door holder. They are wireless options that provide the same door retention and automatic door release functionality.

Choose from Leading Brands in Door Holder Technology

 At Door Controls Direct we proudly stock a wide selection of emag door holders from reputable brands. Discover exceptional offerings from Geofire, DormaBriton and Dorgard. Experience the difference that top-notch engineering and reliability can make in your door management systems.

Door holders for fire doors need to have been successfully tested to BS EN 1155. This is the standard for electrically powered hold open devices. They should be used in conjunction with a controlled door closing device successfully tested to BS EN 1154. Both items of ironmongery should be CE marked.

Benefits of Door Holders

There are many benefits to installing a door holder. With magnetic hold open technology, you can enjoy a free flow of traffic, allowing for ease of movement throughout your building. The integration with the fire alarm systems ensures swift response and secure closure in the event of a fire or power failure.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be retrofitted to existing doors with door closers
  • Matching finishes to door hardware
  • Concealed cabling
  • Various holding forces
  • 24-240V DC operating voltage models
  • Compliant with BS EN 1155
  • Compact design
  • Flexible installation options
  • CE Marked
  • Unobtrusive hold open function
  • Free-flowing foot traffic

Unlock the Power of Convenient Door Control Today

Ready to transform the way you interact with doors? Explore our range of door holders and unlock a new realm of accessibility, safety, and convenience. With our products, you'll enjoy hassle-free movement, and unparalleled fire protection.

Don't wait - take the first step towards an improved fire door management system today. Browse our selection of door holders now and let us help you create a safer, more accessible, and more efficient environment.

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