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Window Hinges

Window Hinges can also be referred to as casement hinges. We offer a couple of types of window hinges – Stormproof Hinges and Friction Stay Hinges.

Stormproof hinges are cranked at a 90-degree angle in order to be storm-proof. This allows them to be able to fit snug to achieve weatherproofing. Extruded from stainless steel, they have a good level of corrosion resistance. 

Traditionally, windows always sat flush to the frame until around the 1950s where lipped casements were introduced. This new style of window made the window stand proud of the frame and therefore you would need a cranked storm-proof hinge as opposed to a flush casement hinge. 

Friction stay hinges are used on Aluminium, Timber and UPVC windows and are available as either side or top hung. Side hung friction hinges are fitted to the top and bottom of the window, whilst top hung friction hinges are fitted to the sides of the window. They limit the opening of a window so are good for safety whilst allowing for smooth opening and closing.

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