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Window Hinges

Window Hinges

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Window Hinges: Robust & Reliable for Every Build

Welcome to our window hinges category, where we combine functionality with style to elevate your windows' performance and appearance. Our collection is curated to cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every window opens with ease.

Why Choose Our Window Hinges?

  • Seamless Operation: Our window hinges are engineered to ensure your windows open smoothly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to creaks and stiffness; welcome a new era of fluid motion.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Crafted from high-quality materials, these hinges are built to last, providing a dependable solution for both contemporary and traditional windows.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance the look of your wooden windows with our stylish hinges. They are designed to complement and elevate the overall appearance of your home.
  • Versatility for All Windows: Whether you're updating a timber window or installing a new UPVC one, our range has the perfect hinge to suit your needs.

Explore Our Range

Stormproof Window Hinges: Specially designed for timber window frames, these hinges blend seamlessly with the natural aesthetic. Stormproof window hinges are sold as singles, complete with fixings. Both our BZP stormproof hinge and marine grade 316 stainless steel hinge has no gap between the leaves when they are closed. 

Friction Hinges: A modern solution, these hinges allow for adjustable opening angles, perfect for controlling ventilation. They get their name as they use friction to hold a casement window open at any angle required. 

Sold as pairs, the Chameleon adaptable friction hinges are available in a variety of models. Ensure you select if you require window hinges to suit top hung or side hung windows. Also, there is a choice of length to suit different casement sizes. 

Friction hinges are typically installed on UPVC windows but can be used on stormproof timber window sections. They are 13mm stack height as standard and come with packers to change them to a 17mm stack height. With this adaptability, they are perfect to hold in stock for retrofitting and new installations.

Friction Window Hinge Terminology Explained

Top Hung: The window pivots from the top. Hinges are fitted at the top of the casement on both sides. The window handle is on the bottom.

  • Side Hung: The casement pivots from either the left hand or right hand side. The window hinges are fitted at the top and bottom of the window. The casement window handle will be fitted on the left or right hand side.
  • Stack Height: When the friction hinge is fully closed, this is the overall height of the hinge. Most UPVC casement windows use a 13mm stack height hinge. 
  • Length: The overall length of the friction hinge, often noted in Imperial inches in addition to metric millimetres. The length of the track should increase in line with the width of the window to allow for effective weight distribution.
  • Egress: Egress or escape hinges allow the window to be opened wider than normal. The provides an alternative means of escape to the door. These are also known as easy clean hinges as they allow for extra room between the frame and window for ease of cleaning the external face of the window. Typically side hung. 
  • Restricted: Restricted or restrictor window hinges limit the overall opening angle of the window. They are fitted where user safety is of the utmost importance, such as bedrooms, and rooms used by children. Available in different stack heights, and suitable for use with timber, aluminium, and UPVc windows. 

Enhance Your Windows Today

Invest in our UPVC and wooden window hinges to experience an unmatched blend of style, functionality, and security. Our hinges not only ensure your windows operate flawlessly but also contribute to the overall aesthetic and safety of your home. 

Friction window hinges provide effective draught and weatherproofing in combination with a smooth opening and closing operation. The Chameleon hinges provide accurate and reliable closing every time. They feature a foolproof locating system, giving you confidence with every installation.  

Browse our collection, find the perfect hinge, and transform the way your windows open. Your satisfaction is our commitment. We also stock a vast range of door hinges and cupboard hinges to allow you to fit out the entirety of your facility. 

Act Now - Elevate Your Window Experience

Explore our range of window hinges today and take the first step towards smoother and more secure windows. Embrace the blend of style and functionality that our hinges offer. Shop now and experience the difference.

Our team is on hand to answer any of your technical or product queries so contact us today. We are able to order a vast array of different hinges and door hardware products from a range of industry leading brands. So, if you don’t see what you need, make sure to get in touch for a quotation and lead time.  

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