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Washered Hinges

Washered butt hinges are a great choice for light to medium use interior doors. Usually they are used within domestic properties that have no requirement for a ball bearing hinge – they have a smaller knuckle so they are more discreet and aesthetically pleasing. 

Hinges can be either single or double washered. Phosphor Bronze washers ensure a quiet and smooth open and close for a door. They are also, particularly hard wearing and less likely to corrode on external doors and windows. These hinges are usually either 76mm or 102mm. Sometimes this type of hinge can be fire rated but usually it is not. They are however, long lasting as the washer takes the impact of the door being used rather than the hinge itself.

Ensure that the door load is distributed evening by using 3 hinges per door – this will prevent the door twisting and warping.

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