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Zoo Architectural Hardware | Window & Door Hardware

Zoo Architectural Hardware designs and supplies door hardware including door handles, door knobs, hinges, locks, and door closers in various finishes. Their range of products are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Discover a stunning array of high-quality window and door hardware solutions designed to bring form and function to your home, office, school, or hospital buildings. With Zoo Architectural Hardware, you'll unlock a world of possibilities to transform your facilities into inviting, efficient spaces.

Unmatched Design and Durability

Elevate the aesthetics of your interiors with the collection of Zoo hardware, meticulously crafted to add a touch of style to your doors. Each piece boasts exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and enduring function. Reinvent your spaces with this range of door handles, cupboard knobs, door closers, and more, carefully curated to complement diverse decor styles and design themes.

The Zoo brand encompasses products of the highest quality, such as the Rosso Maniglie range of Italian designer levers, with products available in finishes including polished and satin chrome and the stunning Oscuro matt black. This is complemented by the Vier door hardware range of low-maintenance, robust door furniture that includes DIN lockcases, door closers, and a variety of Zoo hinges for windows and doors.

Seamless Functionality

Embrace seamless functionality with Zoo Architectural Hardware products that combine form and purpose in perfect harmony. From innovative door handles that fit snugly in your palm to high-performance door closers that ensure gentle yet secure closing, their door hardware is designed with precision engineering to optimize your daily interactions with doors and windows.

The Zoo STANZA Orange designer levers have a style available to suit any interior space. Finishes include Tuscan rose gold, florentine bronze, satin brass, satin nickel, and many dual finish options.

The Zoo brand covers both form and function. The designer door handles can be easily combined with their extensive range of hinges, door signage, locks, and latches, to deliver a complete package for all doors throughout our premises. Whether you’re refurbishing an office space, doing a shop fit-out, kitting out front and back of house in a restaurant, or fitting hardware to residential spaces, Zoo Hardware has a solution. 

Enhanced Security and Safety

Protect what matters most with Zoo's range of robust security solutions. Discover cutting-edge locking mechanisms and door hardware designed to provide peace of mind for facility managers and homeowners alike.

Their hardware not only keeps intruders at bay but also minimizes the risk of accidents, making your spaces safe for every member of the family or workforce. Zoo supply specialist locks such as Fire Brigade locks, and lift-to-lock sets alongside more commonly used DIN locks, latches, and insurance-rated 5 lever locks. 

Their door lock range extends to nightlatches and mortice rack bolts for entrance doors, mortice bathroom locks for both residential and commercial washrooms, plus fittings for cupboards and cabinets, like their adjustable roller catch. 

Unleash Creativity with Versatile Hardware

Empower your creativity with the versatile Zoo Architectural Hardware ironmongery offerings. Create functional and appealing displays with their shelf brackets, hat and coat hooks, and cabinet fittings. 

Tailor your spaces to reflect your unique personality and preferences, enhancing the overall ambiance with their flexible door hardware solutions. Choose door numerals, door stops, bathroom thumbturns, and more in a variety of finishes and styles, all to complement your design styles and spaces. 

Smooth and Silent Operation

Experience effortless motion with Zoo Hardware's products that glide and operate smoothly, without any creaks or squeaks. Our hinges and door closers ensure whisper-quiet movements, allowing you to navigate your environment with finesse and grace.

It is not just door hardware, but also window fittings that Zoo has covered. Whether you have a vertical sliding sash window or standard side-hung casement windows, Zoo Hardware has a product solution for you. 

Their casement stays, casement window handles, and sash window fittings are easy to install, long-lasting, and complement any interior. Simply choose the design, accessories, and finish, which include the black iron effect curly tail stays and window fasteners. 

Environmentally Conscious Choices

Make a sustainable impact with Zoo Architectural Hardware's commitment to eco-friendly practices. Many of our products are crafted using sustainable manufacturing processes, aligning styles, and environmental responsibility.

They aim to minimise the environmental impact of services and products, reducing waste, recycling, and minimising harmful emissions. 

Stress-Free Installation

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated installations. Zoo Hardware's easy-to-follow instructions and user-friendly products ensure a stress-free setup, saving you time and effort so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new hardware.

Zoo has fitting instructions available to download, alongside care and maintenance guidance, and all product certifications including Certifire certificates and DOPs (Declaration of Performance).

Trusted by Professionals and Homeowners Alike

Join a community of satisfied customers, including designers, architects, contractors, and facility managers, who trust Zoo Architectural Hardware for their window and door hardware needs. 

Their products have earned accolades for their quality and performance, making them the go-to choice for projects of any scale. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, with many of their products certified to industry standards and regulations such as:

  • Lockcases and latches to BS EN 12209: 2003
  • Various cylinder ranges to BS EN 1303: 2005
  • Door closers to BS EN 1154: 1996
  • Fire door hinges to BS EN 1935: 2002
  • A variety of door hardware suitable for accessible use to BS 8300: 2009

Elevate Your Facility Today

Explore the vast range of Zoo Architectural Hardware now to experience the perfect fusion of style, function, and durability. Whether you need to revamp your interiors or enhance security, their door and window hardware collection has you covered. 

Make a lasting impression on your spaces, and enjoy the ease and elegance of Zoo ironmongery products whether it is a cabin hook for a patio door, flush bolts for pairs of doors, or heavy duty fire door hinges and door closers.

With a wide range of innovative and stylish solutions at your fingertips, Zoo empowers you to reimagine your living and working spaces and create environments that inspire whilst still meeting all required safety standards and building regulations. 

Take the first step towards transforming your spaces into showcases of architectural brilliance. Elevate your living spaces today with Zoo Hardware and discover the power of well-crafted, thoughtfully designed window and door hardware solutions that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Invest in the future of your home, office, college, or retail space with Zoo Architectural Hardware – where beauty, functionality, and durability converge to redefine your facility. Explore the extensive range of products now and unlock the true potential of your doors.

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