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Rebate Kits and Accessories

Rebate Kits and Accessories

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Effortless Integration with Rebate Kits & Accessories

The closing precision of rebated double doors is a marvel of engineering. Our collated range of door rebate kits has been developed with precision to ensure that double doors not only close seamlessly but also maintain security and dependability.

Peak Performance for Rebated Double Doors 

More than mere accessories, our rebate kits are pivotal to door operation excellence. They are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of rebated double doors, facilitating an operation that is both smooth and effortless. Selecting a 5 lever lock rebate kit or latch rebate kit from our collection guarantees an unparalleled standard of door performance.

Superior Security with Rebated Door Kits 

In the realm of physical security, our comprehensive selection of rebate kits for latches, sashlocks, and deadlocks stands firm. Each kit is crafted to mesh flawlessly with your door’s current lock system, reinforcing your environment’s defence and offering an extra security layer.

Ensure you select the correct brand and model of rebate kit to suit your mortice lock or door latch. Rebate kits aren’t often handed but there are specific kits to use with sashlocks, deadlocks, mortice or tubular latches. Plus, there is a choice of finish so select the closest match to your door handles and lockcase finish. 

Precision Craftsmanship for All Door Types 

Navigating the complexities of a door’s structure is made simpler with our rebate kits. Whether you need a standard 13mm rebate or a solution for tubular latches and DIN standard locks, our kits are equipped with every component needed for a precise fit and seamless functionality.

Principal Advantages of Our Rebate Kits:

  • Promote a consistent and smooth door movement.
  • Boost door security with strong and reliable parts.
  • Specifically designed for 13mm rebated doors, & a variety of door locks.
  • Constructed with durable materials for sustained performance.
  • Installation is straightforward, upgrading doors swiftly and efficiently.

Adaptable for Various Settings

Our rebate kits are created to perform in any setting, from dynamic office spaces to serene residential areas or active commercial venues. The versatility of our kits ensures they meet the stringent requirements of security and flexibility, synonymous with rebated door locks.

Simplified Installation 

Recognising the importance of time efficiency, our rebate kits are engineered for simple installation. The 'do it yourself' nature of our kits is complemented by clear guidelines and an easy assembly process, enabling door enhancements in no time at all.

Door Lock Accessories

This collection also includes various lock faceplates and locking accessories for a variety of mortice lockcases.

Discover Our Selection 

Explore our collection, featuring esteemed brands, and find the ideal rebate sets to enhance your door’s performance and security. Our kits not only perfect the functionality of your doors but also amplify their safety features.

Doors are a vital component of your daily security and convenience. With our sophisticated rebate kits and lock accessories, you can upgrade their operation and safeguarding capabilities. Explore our range, find the perfect match, and commit to excellence.

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